The return of the kidnapped Mahalla child.. Parents celebrate the success of the security forces in an investigation

12:32 AM

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Gharbia – Marwa Shaheen:

Dozens gathered in front of the child’s home, Ziad Al-Behairi, to express their joy, after the news of his liberation was confirmed by the gay men who kidnapped him from his mother on Sunday morning, in an incident documented by surveillance cameras and a video clip of which was spread on social media pages.

The security forces of the Gharbia Security Directorate, under the leadership of Major General Yasser Abdel Hamid, director of criminal investigations, were able to return the child Ziyad, as he was found inside a warehouse in the village of Al-Sajiya, in the center of the city of Mahalla.

Ziyad was kidnapped on Sunday in front of a shop, by masked men who forced him to take him to a car they fled, while his mother was dragged while trying to free him, in an incident documented by surveillance cameras, and a video clip of it spread on social media pages.

Earlier, a car matching the specifications of those used by the masked kidnappers was found to kidnap the child Ziad, while he was with his mother inside a shop on the ring road in Mahalla al-Kubra, but the car was found “completely charred”. As indicated by the source.

That car was found on the “Qutour – Prisoner” road, and the car’s numbers are reported to have been stolen, and the search is underway and the circumstances of its charring are being revealed.


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