The San Sebastian Festival is ratified in the Donostia Award to Johnny Depp and appeals to the presumption of innocence


The award has been questioned by the Association of Women Filmmakers who appealed to the ruling of a British court that maintains that the published information accusing her of abuse is “substantially correct”

Actor Johnny Depp at the last edition of the San Sebastian Festival.Vincent WestWORLD
  • Polmica The association of women filmmakers criticizes the Donostia Award to Johnny Depp: “It is not very opportune”
  • Prize The San Sebastian Festival is ratified in the Donostia Award to Johnny Depp and appeals to the presumption of innocence as an “ethical principle”

Four days later to announce the Donostia Award for the actor’s “career” Johnny Depp, the San Sebastian Festival has issued a statement with the signature of its director Jos Luis Rebordinos to answer some of the doubts raised from different groups and, especially, from the Association of Women Filmmakers (CIMA) who called the award “inappropriate.”

According to the non-compliant, the message that is launched with the award of this award is that “it does not matter what you do as long as you are a good actor”, in expression of Crisitna Andreu, President of the group. And all this by the ruling of a British court that dismissed the accusation of defamation to the newspaper ‘The Sun’claiming that what was published there was “substantially correct”. What appeared in the tabloid was a detailed description of a case of repeated abuse.

The Festival puts its commitment ahead “against inequality, abuse of power and sexist violence “. And he adds to give good proof of this: “In addition to fulfilling the commitments adopted in the Charter for Parity and Inclusion of Women in Film, The Festival has consciously promoted the presence of female professionals at the head of its departments. Through its programming in September and throughout the year, it participates in the questioning of our society from a critical and feminist perspective. We have also tried to create safe environments for women in the workplace and in the venues where the Festival is held and, in the face of inappropriate behaviors, which have existed, we have acted forcefully and quickly. “

And then he explains in detail why he does not share the accusations of that particular group and the “lynching on social media” specifically: “According to the proven data that we have, Johnny Depp has not been arrested, charged or convicted of any form of assault or violence against any woman. We insist: he has not been charged by any instance or jurisdiction, or convicted of violence against women. “

According to the director’s text, his first commitment is with the legal system and, therefore, “with the presumption of innocence and the right to reintegration.” And he concludes to clear possible doubts: “The rejection of any violent or harassing behavior and the presumption of innocence are part and will be part of our ethical principles.”

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