The scientific conferences in Medicine conclude today with a keynote talk

The XV Conference on Scientific Communications in Health Sciences will culminate today with a dissertation by the master’s degree in science policy and management, Lucas Luchilo. They are organized by the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of the Northeast (Unne) and are developed in virtual format.

Likewise, the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the Faculty of Medicine explained that during the exhibitions, about 100 e-posters of scientific works by local, regional and Latin American country, regional and undergraduate research professors and scholarship holders will be able to be seen.

These scientific conferences began yesterday, and a total of 11 tables of exhibitions and debates of the research works developed by this and other houses of higher studies are held. After Luchilo’s conference, scheduled for 3:00 p.m., the prizes will be awarded to the outstanding works.

Lucas Luchilo is a professor of History and a master’s degree in Science and Technology Policy and Management (UBA).

He is currently working as a researcher and coordinator of the Higher Education area of ​​Networks-Center for Science, Development and Higher Education Studies.

He teaches undergraduate and graduate degrees at the universities of Buenos Aires, General Sarmiento, Tecnológica Nacional and Belgrano. His area of ​​expertise is human resources in science and technology and higher education.

In recent years he has worked on the mobility and migration of scientists and engineers and on the careers of professionals with doctorates.

He has participated in projects on human resources indicators in science and technology. Likewise, his field of interest extends to the organizational and institutional management aspects of scientific and technological activities.


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