The Senate limits Trump’s war powers against Iran

The United States Senate, which Republicans control, has taken on Thursday the unprecedented decision to prevent President Donald Trump from a new attack on Iran, after the operation in which General Qassem Suleimani died
 January 3 Finally, they voted in favor of reproving the president in this way all the Democrats, the two independents and, surprisingly, eight Republicans. Trump has already announced that he plans to veto this resolution so that it does not take effect.

The resolution was filed in the Senate by Democrat Tim Kaine, who was a candidate for vice president with Hillary Clinton in 2016, and prevents Trump from attacking Iran again within 30 days if he does not go through the Capitol before. In theory, the law mandates that it be the Capitol that declares war on a foreign nation, but there are a number of exceptions, all related to preserving national security, most of them approved after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001

Binding decision
The House of Representatives (or Baja) already passed a similar resolution last month, but it was not binding. In that other House the Democrats are a majority and last year he reproached the president in the impeachment process, which later failed in the Senate. Now the House must consider the resolution itself binding in the Senate. If Trump vetoes it, only a two-thirds majority in both houses can prevent it, something very difficult to achieve according to the current composition of the Capitol.

The eight Republicans who have reproached Trump and tried to limit his ability to make war on Iran have given mixed reasons, including the need for the Capitol to be informed of war operations. «We support the US Have a tough position on Iran. So much so that what we want to make sure is that any military action is previously authorized by this Congress. That is not something that shows weakness, quite the opposite, it is strength, ”said Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee.

It is striking that he voted in favor of the president who has become his main adversary within his party, the conservative senator Mitt Romney of Utah. Romney was the only Republican senator who voted to condemn the president in the impeachment last week. As a presidential candidate in 2012, the senator is opposed to limiting the powers of the executive. “This resolution undermines our deterrence and sends the wrong message to Iran.” .

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