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The Serpiente”On Netflix tells the heartbreaking true story of French serial killer Charles Sobhraj played by Tahar Rahim. Sobhraj was known as The Serpent, The Bikini Killer, and the Splitting Killer and is believed to have killed approximately 20 people in the 1970s throughout Asia.

During last year, Netflix has become a certified true crime content boss, releasing chilling documentaries like “Murder Among the Mormons” Y “Crime Scene: The Vanishing” at “The Cecil Hotel” and restarting classic series like “Unsolved Mysteries”, Most of his premieres of this genre have become very popular with the audience.

The snake after his first release from prison, he allegedly sold the rights to his story to a French producer for US$ 15 millones and today, the series recreates his story, including the testimonies collected in “Serpentine“, from Thomas Thompson, which narrates not only the crimes of Sobhraj, of his partner Marie ‐ Andrée Leclerc Y Ajay Chowdhury, but also the harrowing investigation of the Dutch diplomat Herman Knippenberg.

By all accounts, he is the hero of the story. Yes OKThe Serpentfictional some aspects of the story, mainly the dialogue is completely made up, the underlying story and its protagonists are real. Currently after the success of the series for the audience, a latent doubt is: Is the snake still alive today? This is what is known about the whereabouts of Charles Sobhra.


Writers Richard Warlow and Toby Finlay tell Sobhraj’s crimes in eight episodes. (Photo: Youtube)

Charles Sobhraj was arrested in Kathmandu, Nepal on 2003, six years after his release from prison in India. Sobhraj was convicted and imprisoned for the first time in India from 1976 a 1997 for the murder of the French Jean-Luc Solomon during a robbery in Bombay.

The February 17, 1997, Sobhraj, from 52 years, was released from the prison of Tihar and most of the arrest warrants, evidence and witnesses were lost. He also had no other extradition orders and was able to return to France. After his release, he returned to Paris, promoting his infamy in the tabloid media.

However, in 2003, Return to Nepal, where a journalist from “The Himalayan Times” he saw it on the street. The journalist followed him for two weeks and published a report in “The Himalayan Times”, after which the police of Nepal quickly arrested Sobhraj in the casino of hotel Yak and Yeti and the murder case of Connie Jo Boronzich, 29, y Laurent Carrière, 26.

In Netflix's La Serpiente there is speculation about the circumstances that led the criminal to carry out his crimes.  (Photo: BBC)
In Netflix’s La Serpiente there is speculation about the circumstances that led the criminal to carry out his crimes. (Photo: BBC)

After his arrest, Sobhraj gave an explanation to the press in 2004, claiming he was there to make a documentary. He also denied the charges against him. Sobhraj still lives today and is currently in prison in Kathmandu on Nepal. He is currently serving a life sentence for the murders of the American backpacker. Connie Jo Boronzich, from 29 years, and the Canadian tourist Laurent Carrière, from 26 years.

They were assassinated in late December 1975 on Nepal. Sobhraj He appealed against the conviction, claiming that he was sentenced without trial. His wife, Chantal Compagnon, who lived in France, presented a case before the European Court of Human Rights against the French government for refusing to assist him. His conviction was confirmed by the Court of Appeals from Patan on 2005.

At least 12 murders are attributed to “The Serpent”. (Photo: BBC)

In july 2008, issued a press release through Nihita Biswas, his fiancee denounced, stating that no court had convicted him of murder and asked the media not to refer to him as a serial killer. Two years later, in July from 2010, the Supreme Court of Nepal confirmed the verdict issued by the district court of Kathmandu life imprisonment for the murder of Connie Jo Bronzich and one more year, plus a fine for illegally entering Nepal.

In april 2017, When I had 72 years, Sobhraj requested his release before a court of Kathmandu, arguing the new guidelines of the Nepal Jail Handbook that guarantees the automatic release of prisoners over 72 years. According to various reports, Sobhraj He has had several open heart surgeries and is scheduled for more.


Sobhraj was born in Japanese-occupied Saigon in 1944. (Photo: The Sun)
Sobhraj was born in Japanese-occupied Saigon in 1944. (Photo: The Sun)

He was so adept at evading authorities that he became the most wanted man in Interpol, but was eventually caught in 1976, according “The Independent”. His murder spree came to an end at a party in New Delhi, where Sobhraj tried to drug 22 members from a French tour. However, some people managed to stay awake despite the drugs and called the police to explain what happened.

The french couple Nadine Y Remi Gires, neighbors of Sobhraj in Thailand, they risked their lives to make sure he was caught. “When Charles was arrested, I celebrated with a bottle of champagne”, He said Nadine al Daily Mirror. She used to sleep with a baseball bat under her bed in case he tried to attack her in her sleep.

“I don’t feel guilty because I know that I did everything I could to stop the murders. And I can tell you that it was a good lesson. Now I am very careful with the people I meet “. Sobhraj he was jailed for 12 years, initially for the murder of two tourists. But ten years later, he drugged Indian prison guards and escaped for a month before authorities recaptured him, he reported. “The Independent”. He was imprisoned for another decade.

As a child, Sobhraj was reportedly a thief and a liar.  (Photo: BBC)
As a child, Sobhraj was reportedly a thief and a liar. (Photo: BBC)


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