The shots in Zidane’s foot

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Three League and Champions double has achieved Real Madrid throughout its history. Two in the fifties (1957 and 1958) and the third, 59 years later (2017) thanks to the impeccable management of Zidane. Then, he achieved what another coach had never achieved before. Having two regular teams in the same squad, a success that led to the final double prize, admired and applauded by their own and rivals.

Previously, teams of three / four substitutes had already been seen with a level so that their entry into the eleven would not diminish their potential, but with Zidane, Madrid came to modify up to eighty percent of their eleven and the performance not only did not It varied, but even raised the level.

That methodology has been put back into practice by the French technician in this second stage on the bench of the Bernabéu, but already fully engaged in March and with spring around the corner, Zidane has not yet realized that done in 2017 is not valid for 2020. Neither has a plan B with the level of three years ago, nor is it so successful in managing it, undoing walking path and shooting shots in the foot that already cost him to fall in the quarterfinals , he can penalize him in the round of 16 of the Champions League and, for the moment, has deprived him of depending on himself in the League, the title that has the most in his reach and that has been more determined to complicate.

Already on the bus on the way to the airport, Zidane was reviewing the most calamitous game of the team with his assistants during this course. Such a function unthinkable in Benito Villamarín, just after winning the classic and recovering the first place in the League. The team made an unworthy match of that shield, but the coach reused the pieces in a way that only he knows how to decipher. 27 incumbents have used Zidane in 27 league games. 38 in total if we add the eleven dates that led the team in the final leg of last season. In fact, only twice has he repeated this course alignment. In the Champions League match in Istanbul against Galatasaray (0-1) and the next, in League against Leganes (5-0), and in the semifinal and final of the Spanish Super Cup played in Arabia.

Radicalized rotations
So much movement on the board has stripped the shortcomings of a template in which not all players have a level to be in it, although Zidane insists on demonstrating otherwise. The cup without anesthesia of Copa does not seem to have pupated the Frenchman, and the season begins to accumulate leaks at the moment when the slips cost titles. Since that bold eleven against Real Sociedad, which cost him the elimination of the KO tournament, there are certain players who do not understand the reasons for shaking the tree so much when the team had accumulated four months without losing and had become strong in their own area, concealing his goal deficit.

In that scenario, Kroos is the most annoying player. Designated in the League derby, substitute against City, and again on the target on Sunday at Villamarín. Stylish and allergic to the covers, Toni will never make a public move to Zidane, but he doesn’t understand what his coach has seen in him to point his finger at him in this gloomy last month of the team.

Nor are certain French decisions understood in the locker room. Bale, from the stands to eleven and from eleven to the bench. Lucas, from the stands to eleven and from eleven to the stands. James, stand or bench. Mariano, from player number 25 to forward Salvador. Jovic, from ten opportunities to the stands. Rodrygo, second top scorer of the team, degraded to Castilla. And the most inexplicable, Mendy and Valverde, from irreplaceable to substitution.

Strange substitutions
In the absence of talent, with Hazard and Asensio injured all season, and without the scoring ability of yesteryear, after the departure of Cristiano, Zidane succeeded in building this Real Madrid from behind, with Mendy and Valverde giving him the vigor and muscle that football modern demands. Gasoline for a team with several holders over thirty. This last month, dark blue almost black, has coincided with the loss of ownership of both, and in neither case due to force. Neither the staff nor the leaders explain how Zidane has amputated his team without two of his most valuable pieces of this course.

Another shot in the foot of the Frenchman has been his return to 4-4-3, with which he fell in the Cup and with which he succumbed to Villamarín. If Zidane found the right potion with four midfielders, and even sometimes with five, it is not understood that he insists on 4-3-3. If, in addition, in that center of the field Kroos and Modric coincide, to which the parties are already done very uphill, the number of cracks increases.

All this is noted in the noble floor, where confidence in Zidane is maintained but some of his decisions are perplexed. The imminent outcome of the eighth Champions and the next League matches will be key to the future of the French coach. .


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