The silver wedding anniversary of José Tomás, the myth that came back to life after the goring of «Navegante»


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José Tomás is celebrating today. The Madrid bullfighter celebrates his twenty-five years of alternative, since on December 10, 1995 he received it in the Monumental of Mexico to open a singular trajectory that has made him the last great myth of bullfighting.

Once the Mexican Jorge Gutierrez He received his doctor that afternoon, the 45-year-old right-hander from Galapagar defined himself in a very short time as a cult artist, both for his memorable tasks, which were inevitably loaded with purity and authenticity, as for the very serious goring suffered, some of which brought him to the brink of death.

The legend of his huge value and the mysterious aura of his personality have also increased as he has been spacing his appearances in the arenas, at the same time that, against custom, he has also become inaccessible to the media, which he has not been able to access for two decades. grant statements.

In this sense, in addition to the consideration of the fans, the mythical seal of Jose Tomas It has also been amassed thanks to the admiration of a good number of intellectuals and artists who, attracted by his bullfighting and his personality, have written and even sung to him, as happens with Joaquin Sabina, with real passion.

But for this myth to remain in force, his transcendent way of fighting remains fundamental, that concept of brutal sincerity that, in the line of his adored Manolete, From his early years he already chose the figure of the Madrilenian as the maximum reference to return to the bullfighting show the glory and emotion of legendary times.

Eight Great Doors

In his brilliant record, beyond the quality of his sling bullfighting, his eight outings on the shoulders of the Las Ventas square in so many memorable afternoons that made a difference, the last of which dates back twelve years, when he also took three horns in the same ring of the first place in the world.

Forged in Mexico during his initial active seasons, this relative of the rancher Victorino Martin broke out in the late 1990s, a time when bullfighting suffered a overcrowding which largely distorted the essence of the show, so, in addition, its philosophy of behavior was taken as the best mirror to try to avoid this drift.

Leading by example, always with the most absolute respect and the greatest dedication to his profession, José Tomás showed the path of dignity to be followed by his colleagues in confusing times, even against criteria of televisions and companies that they tried to undervalue the rights of professionals, a fact that at the time led to not a few criticisms and media attacks.


After starring in eight intense seasons, in which he also marked the path of the most authentic bullfighting and triumphed in the most important squares in the world, quietly retired in 2002 and remained totally isolated until he returned five years later to Barcelona, ​​a city that idolized him before that. political prohibition of bullfighting in Catalonia that not even he could avoid.

On April 24, 2010, José Tomás suffered in the Mexican plaza of Aguscalientes a very serious goring – by the bull «Navegante» – which made him seriously fear for his life – due to the rupture of the femoral and iliac arteries, he required a transfusion of up to seven liters of blood – and of which he did not reappear for up to a year and three months later in Valencia.

During this last decade, the great bullfighter from Madrid has greatly reduced his performances, never exceeding four per season, which has become an argument against him on the part of his also furious detractors.

But the fact is that each of those few bullfights becomes a real event surrounded by a overflowing expectation on an international level. One of them took place on September 17 in the Roman amphieater of the French city of Nimes, when he fought six bulls alone with the result of eleven ears and a tail and the pardon of one of the bulls.

The last walk, so far, José Tomás was on June 22 of last year in Granada, once the coronavirus pandemic has forced the suspension of the bullfights in which it had been announced in 2020, precisely, in the same city of Nimes .

Since then, and as usual given his permanent silence, all the news about this exceptional right-hander have been based on constant rumors about his professional and personal life. And, sometimes, also in its solidarity work through its active foundation, with which it also makes a difference.

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