The six news you should know today, Wednesday May 6

[Si te perdiste las seis noticias de ayer, puedes leerlas siguiendo este enlace]

1. Sánchez caresses the endorsement of Congress with Cs and PNV but it will come out weaker. The fourth extension of the state of alarm is very close to getting ahead after the government closed an agreement with Cs yesterday and finalized another one with the PNV, which with high probability will vote “yes”, according to ABC party sources. The rejection of the PP leader, Pablo Casado, to support the maintenance of such an exceptional instrument eight weeks after its approval and in the midst of a de-escalation phase, forced the Executive to seek support almost desperately. The Council of Ministers approved the fourth extension without the PP revealing whether it would abstain or vote against it today in Congress, which left the legal framework of the lack of confinement in the unknown gray area. The first assumption would allow the Government to obtain the authorization of the Lower House, but the “no” of the 88 PP deputies made life very difficult for him. The support of the ten of Arrimadas gave him oxygen. And with the support of the six PNV, Sánchez secures the absolute majority.

2. The Basque Health Emergency Coordinator resigns after revealing ABC that broke the confinement. Juan Vicente (Jon) Sánchez Ibarluzea, Emergency Coordinator of Osakidetza (Basque public health), resigned in the late hours of yesterday from his post after ABC revealed that he had been sanctioned by the Local Police of Castro Urdiales (Cantabria) for having broken the confinement when moving to his second residence in the mentioned population. Sánchez Ibarluzea, a politician with a long history in the Vizacaya PNV, assures that he is going to defend himself with all the legal means at his disposal, but he still does not give a coherent explanation for what happened.

3. The coronavirus will be in Spain until September, although there are no outbreaks, according to a study. If the disease’s rate of decline continues, the latest contagion will occur in early September, according to a study by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) conducted in some twenty countries around the world. The statistical model prepared by the SUTD, in daily update with the new numbers of infections, makes a prediction with the current data, without taking into account the changes in the de-escalation. Nor does it assume the possible regrowth that, according to experts, could occur in the fall.

4. Artificial intelligence, grids or sunbed separation: Spain is looking for the formula to go to the beach. All the coastal councils know that this summer, if the health situation for the Covid-19 allows it, they will have to control gauging and concentrations on their beaches, but neither the guidelines for de-climbing nor the “new normal” scenario have yet developed how should be specified. While the CSIC is preparing a study on the behavior of the coronavirus in water and sand, some municipalities and communities are beginning to put their own proposals on the table.

5. New electoral strategy: Biden’s Chinese ties. Given that a growing share of Americans believe that China did not do quite well at the origins of the pandemic, President Donald Trump’s electoral team has a clear motto for the November elections: Democrat Joe Biden is China’s candidate. Among the political arguments is that his son, Hunter Biden, worked for several companies in that Asian country, pocketing astronomical wages. Also that when he was vice president, Joe Biden himself was soft on Beijing, allowing trade imbalances that Trump has now had to balance. And finally, that when the White House announced a veto of entry to foreigners from China in January, to prevent contagions, the Democratic candidate called the president “xenophobic.”

6. Coronavirus psychosis in the bottom of the League. Spanish football lives with expectation and some uneasiness the de-escalation that allows the return to training and the preparation of a protocol for the competition to resume. Doubts and uncertainties have settled in practically all the teams in the Santander League, although some, mistreated by the Covid-19 pandemic, shiver just thinking that this week they will resume their activity. Espanyol, which is the team that has suffered the most cases of coronavirus in the first team (eight players and two members of the coaching staff) is one of them. .

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