The slogan “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Heroes” is officially approved for use at UEFA events

The executive committee of the organization voted for this unanimously.
The scandal began with the design of the uniform of the Ukrainian national team, in which the team will play at the European Championship. The footballs featured the contours of the country with Crimea, as well as the inscriptions “Glory to Ukraine” and “Glory to Heroes”, and the second part was located from the inside of the collar. The Russian Football Union responded with a complaint to UEFA, which indicated that the symbols have political overtones. UEFA received an order to remove the inscription “Glory to the Heroes”, since in aggregate it was used by Ukrainian collaborators and nationalists during the Great Patriotic War. The President of the Ukrainian Football Association, Andriy Pavelko, urgently flew to Europe for negotiations with UEFA and, after consultations, the executive committee approved all the symbols with 45 votes without exception. Ukraine won its first European Championship victory without touching the ball.

The first presentation of the new kit will take place on Sunday, when the Ukrainian national team will meet with the Netherlands.

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