The sons of the former Chancellor of the dictatorship Ismael Huerta did not like “Invisible Heroes”: “It is unfortunate that lies are used”

Through a letter to The Mercury, the sons of the former Minister of Foreign Relations during the dictatorship, Ismael Huerta, went downhill against the series “Invisible Heroes” shown by Chilevisión.

According to the letter signed by Jorge Huerta Dunsmore, Bernardita Huerta Dunsmore and Mina Huerta Dunsmore, “it is unfortunate that lies are used to tarnish the memory of a person who is no longer there to defend himself and who does not deserve this attack.”

In the opinion of the former admiral’s children, the production shows their father “as a person of little intelligence and culture”, with a “crude and imprecise characterization”.

They even point out that “it goes so far as to accuse him of direct complicity in arbitrary abuse of third parties”, alluding to the human rights violations registered during the dictatorship, being – according to his version – that “his functions as chancellor were not related to what was narrated in the series. “

Ismael Huerta was played in the series by actor Cristián Carvajal. He was appointed in December 1972 by Salvador Allende as Minister of Public Works, but did not follow the constitutional path and bowed to the civic-military coup, being appointed on September 12, 1973 as Minister of Foreign Relations by the Military Junta of Government. Then, in July 1974, he was appointed as ambassador to the United Nations in New York.

Huerta’s children also assure that they contacted the production of the series “to make all the primary sources and relevant material available to them so that the series adjusted to reality” and “we asked the producers to have access to the script, since they would use the name Ismael Huerta ”. “We never got a response from them again, despite our insistence,” they denounce.

The series made by the production companies Parox (Chilean) and Kahio (Finnish), with a cast made up of national and foreign actors and actresses, tells the story of the Finnish diplomat Tapani Brotherus, who helped more than 2,000 citizens to escape from the dictatorship , despite the explicit order of his superiors to be neutral in the conflict in Chile.

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