The South African variant of Covid-19 makes a first victim in Belgium: “His symptoms were different”

A case of the South African variant of the coronavirus, which could be much more contagious, was detected for the first time in Belgium, announced Wednesday evening the virologist Marc Van Ranst on his Twitter account.

This is a patient from West Flanders who has died. This patient had no known travel history abroad, according to Marc Van Ranst. The latter adds that eight new cases of the British variant of the coronavirus, also deemed to be more contagious, were also diagnosed on Wednesday in our country.

An 83 year old lady

Our colleagues from Nieuwsbald tried to find out more about this first Belgian victim of the South African variant of Covid-19. The person, who died at AZ Sint-Jan hospital in Ostend, is an 83-year-old woman.

According to Hans Rigauts, director general of the establishment, her symptoms were different: the deceased had indeed “stomach and intestinal problems”, rather than typical lung ailments. Also, “she had a particularly high viral load”. The director explains to the Flemish media that she could have been considered “a super-broadcaster”.

Note that the victim, hospitalized during the month of December, left at the beginning of January as a result of the disease. Her sister is currently in a hospital environment, tell our colleagues.


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