The Spanish broker who encouraged from Switzerland to "forget about money"

In 2011, when he released his song 'Global Economy', Gorka Cruz was the subject of reports in several international media. It seems logical, because your profile is not found every day: a Geneva-based broker, with dual Swiss and Spanish nationality, who lashed out at the system through a refrain that said "the global economy is going to crash." Gorka himself, the son of a Galician father and a Basque mother, was defined in an interview as "a suicide worker", although it is also true that the tone of his composition could not surprise his bosses so much: his work routine was always peculiar, since He spent half the year in the Swiss city (where he worked for Barclays for four years and then for investment funds) and the other six months he volunteered for solidarity projects in India.

The lyrics of 'Global Economy', of an idealism pulling candidly, connect better with this second facet. And the same goes for music, a kind of global reggae to Manu Chao that inevitably refers to the internationalist counterculture. “The financial system is collapsing, / the time for change comes,” says Cruz, who combines more general slogans (“too much debt, nobody can pay”) with a look at the personal repercussions of the debacle (“there is no money left for use the internet, / there is no money left to buy food »). In the final stretch, the verses of 'Global Economy' encourage us to seek more “positive and human” gears to move our world: «The structures are sinking, / who knows where all this leads? / It's time to be creative, let's make a new economy. / Forget the money, we will find other ways, / ideas and knowledge ».

Far West Banks

The song was accompanied by a video result in which Gorka walked through different scenes of Geneva (including, for example, the statue of Gandhi) and also through imaginary covers of the international press (in 'Le Figaro' he was seen naked, with a strategic tree leaf). The video, in turn, incorporated a manifesto in which the occasional singer-songwriter gave a good review of the system: “Banks, which are an appropriate instrument if managed correctly, have become a Far West industry, with financial derivatives and other dangerous unregulated instruments. What is happening in the financial industry is a revealing portrait of the decline of the values ​​of our civilization », posed, in addition to criticizing dysfunctions of our world as programmed obsolescence, consumerism encouraged from above or economic control of politics. "It's time to take a significant step to be more human," he concluded.

In these years, the author of 'Global Economy' has not lost his desire for alternative approaches to the mainstream. Among your concerns of recent times highlights bioenergy, which has led him to publish a book entitled 'The spirits of nature in the parks of the Romanian Switzerland', in collaboration with Steeve Di Marco. In addition, it has launched a ginger and turmeric drink called GoGinger.

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