The Spanish Foreign Minister visits Algeria to discuss the trans-Moroccan gas pipeline file – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

The Spanish Foreign Ministry announced that Minister Jose Manuel Al Paris will visit Algeria on Thursday to discuss with officials there the Algerian gas pipeline crossing Morocco to Spain.

The ministry indicated that “this visit aims to ensure the supply of gas to Spain, weeks before the end of the agreement to deliver Algerian gas through the Maghreb-European gas pipeline that passes through Morocco.”

The visit comes in the midst of the high prices of energy carriers in the global market, especially in Spain, where the government approved in mid-September a new series of measures to reduce consumers’ bills.

Algeria, which has close economic ties with Madrid, is Spain’s first natural gas supplier.

The two countries have been linked since 1996 with the Maghreb-European gas pipeline, which also supplies Portugal and passes through Moroccan territory.

Since 2011, a second gas pipeline “Medgaz” has been established to supply Spain directly from Algeria.

The agreement to use the most important Maghreb-European gas pipeline between these two pipelines expires on October 31.

Its renewal has been the subject of speculation for several weeks, with Algeria announcing the severing of diplomatic relations with Morocco at the end of last August.

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