The Spanish Sailing League starts with RCN Arrecife domain

The second phase of the State Lotteries and Betting Trophy began today in the bay of Palma, taking place a first round of six matches after which the RCN Arrecife, winner of the first meeting in Bayonne, once again dominates the provisional general.

The wind took to enter the waters near the Arenal Yacht Club, the base of this second phase of the Spanish Sailing League, but its strength was increasing as the tests developed, to end the day with about 8-10 knots that They gave intensity to the fighting.

The crews of the ten participating clubs today add six sets to their markers, which in the end leave a table headed by them that made up the Bayonne podium: RCN Arrecife with Leonardo Armas as patron, RCN La Coruña commanded by Miguel Fernández and RCN Gran Canaria de Onan Barrientos.

The RCN Arrecife has a good advantage of 13.5 points over the Coruña, but the difference between them and the crew of the RCN Gran Canaria is tenth, so the battle between the two is predicted fierce. That without taking an eye off the team of Aina Colom, those of CN Arenal who play with the advantage of being at home, also the locals of RCN Palma and those of CN Campello.

With a format of short races of about 15-10 minutes, there are still many clashes ahead and much at stake: the five Spanish squares to attend the European Final Series.

1.- Real Club Nautico Arrecife / Leonardo Armas: 37 pts

2.- Real Club Náutico La Coruña / Miguel Fernández: 50.5 pts

3.- Real Club Náutico Gran Canaria / Onan Barrientos: 50.82 pts

4.- El Arenal Yacht Club / Aina Colom: 61 pts

5.- Royal Nautical Club of Palma / Pedro Marí: 63.25 pts

6.- Campello Yacht Club / Iván Moreno: 64.75 pts

7.- Monte Real Bayona Yacht Club / Fernando Yáñez: 71 pts

8.- El Balís Yacht Club / Magda Resano: 73.75 pts

9.- Real Maritime Club of Abra / Gonzalo Chávarri: 78.6 pts

10.- Royal Nautical Club of Calpe / Juan Carlos Albeida: 82 pts.

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