The spread of the epidemic on the Internet is shocked when I see a top-down picture: the DPP has a teammate in the prevention of epidemic pigs-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

A number of China Airlines pilots have been diagnosed one after another, and the director of the Novotel Hotel has also contracted the disease. The Central Epidemic Command Center stated that the determination of the British variant strain is the same as the China Airlines infected pilot, and there may be the possibility of cross-contagion between the pilot case and the hotel infection case. The “Rely on the Media” fan found that Pingtung County Magistrate Pan Meng’an, who is a member of the DPP, promoted the “Pingtung Black Tuna Cultural Tourism Season” on Facebook on the 1st, and named Pan Meng’an as a teammate of the pigs.

Pingtung County Magistrate Pan Meng’an said in a Facebook post on the 1st that Pingtung’s black tuna cultural tourism season is officially here, and you can enjoy black tuna without changing your name! This year’s black tuna season series of activities include “Ichiban Reward” lucky draw, black tuna limited bento, super value set meal, 1,000-yuan lucky bag, etc. You can also take the limited edition “Pingan Yushou” home with your full consumption. Change your name and you will be rewarded! This year coincides with the Xin Chou Zhengke Welcoming King’s Peace Festival, starting with the black tuna season to warm up, and the county government launches small local tours. Donggang and Ryukyu will become more and more lively in the future.

On the 1st, a Facebook fan called “Relying on the Media” named Pan Meng’an and said, “Kaobei Anti-epidemic Pig teammates, the epidemic is about to start to burn, and you have tens of thousands of people to eat black tuna together, is it something?

Netizens said sourly, “Party certificate protects the body, don’t be surprised.”, “People who are not afraid of death.”, “Everyone get closer and sterilize each other with saliva.”, “India is infected with more than 300,000 epidemics a day…this Corruption is not a big deal! Sure enough, bubble activities are more important than epidemic prevention.”, “Look at how the recent major infection in India happened?”, “Party certificate is the best vaccine.”

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