The State guarantees 6.3 billion, FCA thanks and relocates to Poland

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Rome, 29 Aug – If there is a model that, more than any other, represents the recent history of Fca, this is the Point. A “popular” car par excellence, affordable for all budgets, it was created to replace the Fiat Uno and with it it shares – alongside the Giugiaro design – also the impressive sales numbers: more than 9 million units made from 1993 to today. Over half of them (5 million cars between Punto, Grande Punto and Punto 2012) they left the Melfi plant, which was inaugurated in 1994 with the assembly lines of the famous small car, whose production ceased in August 2018. The time is now ripe for a new compact model, which however marks another chapter in the saga that brings Fca’s destinies increasingly distant from Italy.

The new Punto produced in Poland (and with French components)?

According to the rumors circulated yesterday, in fact, FCA would be thinking of locating – or rather: delocalizing – the “new Point” (whose commercial name is not yet known) in the Polish factories of Tychy. We are talking about the production site where the 500 are already assembled, which should represent the spearhead of a “made in Italy” which, style aside, from the industrial point of view of Italian have very little.

FCA would also aim to use the French CMP platform, received as a “dowry” from the self-styled merger with Psa which, within the first months of next year, will give life to the Stellantis group. Decision which, if confirmed, would give substance to the fears that emerged a few weeks ago when, with a letter to its suppliers, FCA asked its suppliers to suspend the research and development activities regarding the aforementioned platforms part of the so-called segment B. Not a small communication: at stake there are thousands of Italian companies that employ over 50 thousand employees, who risk being deprived overnight in favor of their transalpine counterparts.

Italy mocked. And with 6.3 billion to be guaranteed to FCA

The choice to have the new Punto produced – which in the first images circulated about the project appears with a (we can say it: derisory) tricolor in plain sight – in Poland would represent yet another slap in the face of Italy, all the more in light of the 80% state guarantee on the 6.3 billion euro maxi loan granted to the company between May and June. If times were record, the government was just as quick to give its green light, as long as FCA committed itself to strengthening the automotive sector in Italy with at least 5 billion in investments (which had already been planned before the pandemic exploded).

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The devil, as we know, hides in the details. If one of the conditions is in fact that of not resorting to relocations, this applies exclusively to models currently in production. This does not include the new Punto, which can thus be a forerunner of what will probably be the near future of FCA. And with it the Italian auto industry.

Filippo Burla

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