the stress of the pandemic makes our teeth cringe

– published on 11/18/20 at 11:39 a.m.

Sanitation measures increase anxiety and, according to a recent study, increase orofacial pain and jaw tightness, as well as bruxism overnight.

tooth bruxism

The means of fighting the coronavirus, starting with containment, have an impact on our Mental Health. Could the anxiety-provoking and uncertain context also act on physical stress? Tel Aviv University has conducted a large study on the issue, which shows that this year, orofacial pain and jaw aches have exploded with the pandemic.

Published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, the findings of Dr Alona Emodi-Perlman and Professor Ilana Eli reveal an increase in nocturnal bruxism (grinding of teeth) and daytime jaw tightness. These problems mainly concern women and the generation between 35 and 55 years old. They can lead to structural problems such as Sadam (algo-dysfunctional syndrome of the manducatory apparatus).

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Explosion of nocturnal bruxism

The causes of stress are not difficult to analyze. “We believe our results reflect the distress felt by the middle generation, who were locked at home with young children, without the usual help from grandparents, while still worrying about their children. elderly parents, faced with financial problems and often forced to work from home in difficult conditions ”, commented the researchers.

The 1,800 subjects who participated in the study were recruited from Poland and Israel. The prevalence of orofacial pain and jaw tightness has increased since the start of the pandemic from 35% to 47% in this panel. Daytime bruxism, which was 17%, is now 32%; while nighttime bruxism jumped from 10% to 36%. In people who already suffered from these symptoms, emotional stress made their ailments worse by about 15%.

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