The student El Hadji Malick Maodo Ndione excluded from the establishment.

Following the assault on Mr. Hamady DIAWARA, supervisor of the first cycle at the Lycée de Sanghé by El Hadji Malick Maodo NDIONE, a student in the 5th grade, the Disciplinary Council of the said high school met on July 17, 2021 to rule on the case. After having studied the incident report, the pupil’s hearing report and the supervisor’s medical certificate of observation of injuries, the Council, in all sovereignty, took the decision to permanently exclude from the establishment El Hadji Malick Maodo Ndione, born April 14, 2006 in Sanghé.

The Ministry of National Education, concerned with and guarantor of the physical and moral integrity of workers in the sector as well as of all students of all levels of education, stands in solidarity with the decision taken at the Lycée de Sanghé.

In addition, the ministry notes that for some moments, like a ripple effect, of the pupils launch out a challenge of unspeakable acts of indiscipline. Such practices can never continue to flourish in our schools and establishments.

The Minister of National Education, Mamadou TALLA, calls for the sense of responsibility of all actors. Indeed, exemplary conduct must be established as a rule throughout the school environment. By inscribing his approach on an inclusive social dialogue, the Minister, since taking office, has placed education in values ​​among his five (5) priorities.

The cardinal values ​​of Senegalese society must therefore be adopted by all and particularly by our students. The ministry will not accept that the teaching function is desecrated, and any student author of acts of indiscipline will be brought before a disciplinary council and the appropriate measures taken.

Mr. Mohamed Moustapha DIAGNE

Director of Training and Communication

MEN spokesperson.


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