The students of Medicine and Health Sciences of Granada will be vaccinated to do the practices in health centers

The students of Health Sciences and Medicine of the University of Granada who carry out their training practices in health centers and hospitals in the second semester will receive the vaccine against coronavirus. This is a measure confirmed by the academic institution and that goes along the line of immunizing, in the first stage of the process, the groups made up of elderly people residing in nursing homes and personnel who work in health centers.

Students who did internships at the first quarter They underwent a Covid test to avoid the transmission of the disease as much as possible. Health measures and the need for a protocol when the second wave began to emerge, in October, forced to delay the start of the training period for these students in health centers and hospitals in the province. In the same way, the students of the practicum who joined the educational centers as part of their university training were tested.

In the University of Granada There are 827 students enrolled in Nursing plus another 1,677 in Medicine, according to the data of the latest academic report. The students of the last years of these degrees develop training practices in health centers, as well as those of other degrees (Dentistry, Pharmacy or Physiotherapy) and students of training cycles.


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