The Suicide Squad (Movie, 2021) live review

REVIEW / FILM OPINION – With “The Suicide Squad” James Gunn enjoys great freedom to stage a new suicide mission with DC universe villains played by Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena or the revelation Daniela Melchior.

We take (almost) the same and start over

Even with over $ 700 million at the global box office, Suicide Squad (2016) is considered a failure for Warner. Realized by David Yesterday, the film was torched by a good part of the press and the public. But difficult to completely abandon the idea of ​​staging a team of supervillains from the DC Universe when so much money was made. This is the reason why Warner took advantage of temporary shelving of James Gunn by his competitor Disney / Marvel to hire the director on The Suicide Squad.

Almost the same title, just adding “The”As if to mean that the real movie about the Suicide Squad is this one, and make us forget the previous one while reusing some elements. A sequel that is not really one therefore. But who takes advantage of what has already been done to speed up its implementation.

The Suicide Squad ©Warner Bros. France

So, no need to procrastinate. In two sentences Amanda Walker (Viola Davis) recalls the procedure for a supervillain of Belle Reve prison. If he agrees to participate in a suicide mission led by Colonel Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and survives, he will be entitled to a reduced sentence. James Gunn doesn’t bother with the details and neither one nor two here we are on a beach with a team of enthusiasts who shoot at everything that moves. The tone is set. A completely crazy first sequence (as its conclusion) from a director above all there to have fun while benefiting fromeven more freedom than at Disney. Not sure that the big-eared firm will one day agree to show a penis, an overdose or even liters of hemoglobin in a Marvel production. At Warner / DC, it is possible, and James Gunn and profit.

Bloodsport et Ratcatcher, stars de The Suicide Squad

In front of the camera, we find Rick Flag interpreted by Joel Kinnaman, more comfortable with the tone proposed by James Gunn. With him, Margot Robbie stack up to offer some memorable passages in Harley Quinn. But this is not the star of the film. And finally remains sufficiently behind to let the new members express themselves at best. First, Idris Elba | in Bloodsport which must lead this team of astounded. Then, Daniela Melchior en Ratcatcher II.

Both clearly stand out in The Suicide Squad. Idris Elba participates with class in the action sequences, shows self-deprecation by playing the one with the biggest with the awesome Peacemaker (John Cena, perfect in this register), and brings emotion in his passages with the young Portuguese actress. Moments that reveal the touching and tragic past of Ratcatcher II as much as the fragility of Bloodsport. So, the duo complement each other wonderfully and Daniela Melchior, whose first major role in the cinema, is revealed as an actress to follow.

The Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad ©Warner Bros. France

Yet when preparing for The Suicide Squad, the choice of characters could be puzzling. Ratcatcher II, unknown to the general public, for example has the superpower of controlling rats. A rodent considered repulsive for the majority. How then to make the public have an interest, an empathy, a fascination for this character? The same goes for the simpleton King Shark (half man, half shark) and and sociopath Polka-Dot Man who join the team. Characters who, at first glance, do not impose with costumes on purpose a little cheap.

James Gunn at his best

This is the strength of James Gunn. In The Suicide Squad, he gives back beautiful and exciting what is ugly and off-putting. Mainly in its creative action sequences. There is this sequence shot in the jungle concluded by a brilliant twist, this fight filmed through the reflection of a helmet, this explosion of violence by Harley Quinn full of fantasy, or even this colorful attack of rats in one eye. giant. James Gunn plays on the shift between the horror of the facts and an embellished representation, without minimizing the violence.

A position that allows him to better understand these left-behind, but also to break codes and mix genres. For a moment, he even offers us a romantic comedy with Harley Quinn. In this, the filmmaker surpasses himself after Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and its sequel. The first being sympathetic and stood out especially by its singularity vis-à-vis the classicism of other Marvel productions.

The Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad ©Warner Bros. France

So, The Suicide Squad is the perfect opposite of its predecessor. Funnier, more fun, more creative and better mastered at all levels. The film soaks up the madness of its characters (the traumatic visions of Polka-Dot Man are excellent) with a lot of tenderness. We can nevertheless blame him for a somewhat weak scenario. Because behind all these extravagances, there is still a mission to accomplish for Bloodsport and his team. A general story that resembles that ofExpendables (2010). At this level, The Suicide Squad lack of ambition. The film is content to be good entertainment, but had more potential. It nevertheless lays a good foundation with characters that we hope to find for new missions.

The Suicide Squad by James Gunn, released on July 28, 2021. Above the trailer. Find here all our trailers.

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