The three rules of the DGT to circulate well through a roundabout




There is a wide variety of roundabout designs, but in all of them the driver must take into account the same principles: yield to those who are within it and choose the lane that you consider most appropriate depending on the exit you are going to take; once inside, the vehicle occupying a lane takes precedence over the one that is going to access it; and, to exit the roundabout, it is essential to previously position yourself in the outside lane; and if it has not been possible, make a new turn to get into that position early.

Even so, many drivers find it difficult to circulate correctly on them, according to the
General direction of traffic
(DGT), and, therefore, they highlight which is the correct way to circulate on these roads:

According Daniel Hernandez, manager
Among the main factors influencing the increase in the accident rate at roundabouts, it is highlighted that “many drivers do not know how they should do them correctly without posing a danger to road safety.” According to his experience as a trainer, there is no recycling of drivers in Spain of any kind and “a person who obtained his license 40 years ago, we do not know what knowledge or ignorance he has acquired during all those years, beyond the renewal of the psychotechnical exam ». It also highlights that there are thousands of drivers without any control over how their knowledge has evolved “since many rules, traffic, vehicles and infrastructures have changed substantially”.

From his point of view, he could reduce the number of accidents recorded in roundabouts «Doing a course, as is already done in some countries, lasting about 5 hours, with videos and some classes at the driving school. This would exponentially improve, not only traffic in roundabouts, it would also reduce accidents and deaths on the road.

Daniel Hernández explains to this newspaper that one of the factors that he usually sees in roundabouts is the use of mobile phones. “When they are stopped, many drivers take the opportunity to look at their mobile phones, you can even see many drivers manipulating the GPS, or looking at the navigators looking for an address, of course then there are those who cross at the exits, those who make straight lines and those who that they do not respect the speed limits nor the drivers who do it correctly.

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