The town of Calvados which no longer knows how to slow down cars

In the hamlet of Coupigny, along the D43, the message is visible on both sides of the road: a multitude of signs “slow down”, “think of us”, or mimicking speed limit signs at 50. The departmental crosses the new town of Valambray, a merger of several small villages. 50 km / h are obviously not required over the whole of this new, larger territory.

“Here, it’s 80 km / h,” exclaims Alain Chauvet. The courtyard of this inhabitant of the hamlet overlooks the road. “To go out, you have to have the technique. First look to the right and, if there is nothing, drive the car forward and then look to the left. We know that a vehicle will have room to shift if necessary… ”The axis is in a straight line at this point, the asphalt fairly new. “Since we rebuilt this beautiful road, people are passing at 100 per hour. There are even some who double! “

Local residents believe that speeding is too numerous and the limits are not harmonized. LP / Esteban Pinel

Like him, around thirty local residents are annoyed and worried about “speeding that has become more frequent in recent months. »As we approach the village of Fierville, all these homemade signs bloom. Alain has several in his van. “They say slow down. And they thank those who think of doing it. “

Soon a security audit

The problem is not unique to the hamlet of Coupigny. Valambray has several departments in its area: “the D40, D47, the D232, the D613 …”, lists the mayor, Patrice Martin. The chosen one, himself living along such a road, understands his fellow citizens. “There is a strong expectation from the population. Among the complaints of the inhabitants, those which come first, it is undeniably those related to road safety. “

At first, the municipality approached the Department of Calvados, as well as the gendarmes, who are strengthening their controls in the area. She will go even further. “We are willing to invest in this subject. A firm will offer us a road safety audit ”, announces Patrice Martin.

In the spring, the experts will make their recommendations. Signage, harmonization of speed limits, chicanes, speed bumps or even roundabouts, there is no shortage of solutions. Valambray intends to spread the work over five years, to smooth out the expense. By then, the artisanal signs of the inhabitants may have awakened the consciousness of some drivers with a little heavy foot.

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