The Treasury has already returned the return to 97% of taxpayers

The Treasury has already returned practically all the income statements that were returned. In total, 10,428 million euros reimbursed to 14 million taxpayers in personal income tax for the 2019 Income campaign as of December 30, 97.2% of the refunds requested in number and 93.2% in amount.

If something has characterized this campaign marked by the coronavirus pandemic, it has been the use of telematics for the preparation of statements. The campaign began on April 1 and was not delayed despite the confinement, so that taxpayers could receive their refunds as soon as possible, the AEAT justified at that time. This fact led to a reduction in the number of declarations made in offices.

93% of all declarations were filed online, five points more than the previous year. In addition, the use of the mobile application grew by almost 26% to send the statement, to account for 7% of the total, with 365,000 filed this past year. In offices only 319,000 statements were presented, compared to more than 2.1 million the previous year, according to data provided this Monday by the Ministry of Finance.

2% more declarations have been received this year, reaching 21,122 million, of which 68.5% were to be returned, a result similar to that of 2018, while the rest were to be paid, 5.4% more than in the previous campaign.

In total, the Treasury has won since the returns reached 11,190 million euros (+ 3.1%), while the income was 12,725 million (+ 6.1%).

The ‘We call you’ telephone assistance plan has multiplied its capacity by almost six in this campaign, registering a total of 1,155 million statements made since its launch on May 7, one month after the start of the campaign. The previous year, only 239,000 declarations had been made in this way.


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