The two factors that could protect us from a major third wave in people at risk

The average number of infections is back above the 2,000 per day bar in Belgium. There are 2,020.4 daily cases on average between January 2 and January 8. This is an increase of 27% from the previous week.

The head of the Laboratory of Space Epidemiology at ULB tried to explain the current increase in infections. ” We must remain vigilant, but the situation is not alarming at the moment, according to him. If this indicator is on the rise, it is counterbalanced by two other indicators which fortunately do not increase. First of all, it is about the positivity rate: you have to consider the fact that many more tests have been carried out in the last days. The second factor that is not increasing is the number of new hospitalizations. “ The epidemiologist believes that we are in a phase of vigilance and that we must see in the coming days how the situation evolves.

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Is a third wave to be feared? The expert does not rule out this possibility. “The conjunction of the resumption of activity and the variant [britannique] will perhaps lead us to have to increase prevention measures “, says Mr. Gilbert. However, he underlines the ironic nature of the current situation. “We have something that in a way protects us. The second wave was so big that a large part of the population has already been exposed to the virus.” He then cites a second: “Vaccination is also developing from week to week and will protect the most vulnerable people. The combination of these two factors could allow us to avoid a third wave in people at risk.”

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