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Earlier, the United States made a request for Trade Representative Dai Qi and Treasury Secretary Yellen to hold teleconferences with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He. Just as everyone thought that the Sino-US relations were improving, the United States made successive moves. On the one hand, it increased pressure on the Taiwan issue and on the other hand traced the source of the new crown virus. On Sunday, three US senators visited Taiwan in a whirlwind and stayed in Taiwan for three times. I met with Tsai Ing-wen and claimed that the United States had donated 750,000 doses of vaccine to Taiwan.

Don’t underestimate the visit of US congressmen to Taiwan. Although they said it was a personal visit, it was completely impersonal. There were several characteristics: 1. They were riding on the US C-17 “Global Overlord 3”. When the transport plane arrived in Taiwan, when the plane left, there was still a photo of C-17 flying over the “Taiwan 101 High-rise” that leaked out of the street. It was obviously a pre-arranged picture; why the three U.S. senators boarding were not common in the United States The business jet is a C-37A (Gulfstream 5 military version) or C-40B (Boeing 737-700C military version) aircraft, but a C-17 transport aircraft with such a strong military flavor?

2. Although there are only three congressmen visiting Taiwan, this is a cross-party team that includes both the opposition Republican and the ruling Democratic congressmen, implying that this is a cross-party consensus. 3. Donate vaccines to Taiwan. Although the number is not large, the mainland had to donate vaccines to Taiwan before, and the Taiwan government had many difficulties, but it received American vaccines. As the spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said, the Taiwan government “sees the lives of the people like weeds,” and it still plays politics at the peak of the epidemic.

The United States knows that Taiwan is China’s core issue, but it wants to engage in trouble on the Taiwan issue, and its intention to challenge the mainland is extremely obvious.

In fact, the United States has recently put pressure on China more than this one. US Secretary of State Blincol has renewed his proposal to withdraw the bottom line to trace the source of the new crown virus, claiming that this is beneficial to China, and that China is a responsible major country, so he should “show transparency”. Blincol’s speculation on the old topics raised by Trump was obviously to find fault with China. China also fought back vigorously, saying that if it wants to trace the source, it should also investigate hundreds of biological laboratories in the United States, and also investigate Italy, where the new crown virus has appeared in September 2019.

The United States uses typical tactics to exert extreme pressure on China on other issues in order to seek trade benefits. However, the praying mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind.

On the eve of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Biden, Russia has recently made a series of moves and has also exerted extreme pressure on the United States. During the International Economic Forum held in St. Petersburg, Putin bluntly stated that the United States is “walking on the old Soviet road with confidence and determination.” Putin said: “Do you know the problem? As a citizen of the former Soviet Union, I will tell you the problems of the empire. They think they are so powerful and can bear small mistakes and mistakes. The rulers of the empire think they can intimidate and persuade you. , Buying different countries and groups, thinking that all problems can be solved in this way. But there are more and more problems, and one day they will not be able to deal with them. The United States is walking firmly on the old road of the Soviet Union.” Putin said The US-Russia summit does not place high hopes.

Putin not only ridiculed the United States and ridiculed the former Soviet Union to finish the game sooner or later, he also made a straight cut on the issue that the United States is most concerned about, and wants to “de-dollarize.” Russian Finance Minister Siluanov recently announced that it will completely clear the U.S. dollar share of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund within one month. Currently, the U.S. dollar and the euro each have 35% of the state welfare fund, the RMB 15%, and the British pound. It is 10%, and Japanese Yen is 5%. Siluanov said that in the future, in the National Welfare Fund, the assets of the US dollar will be reduced to 0%, the pound sterling will be reduced to 5%, the euro will be increased to 40%, the renminbi will be increased to 30% (originally 15%), and 20% will be added. For gold, the yen remains unchanged at 5%.

Putin pointedly pointed out that the United States, the current issuer of the international reserve currency, has obviously deviated from its main role as an international reserve currency by using currency as a tool of economic and political struggle. Therefore, Russia needs to diversify currency settlement. Putin’s intervention in the core issue of the United States is even worse than that of the United States in dealing with Taiwan.

Although the United States has changed its president, the soup does not change the medicine. Trump is a real villain who speaks exactly the same thing, exerting extreme pressure on China and fought a trade war with China, which ended in failure. When Biden came to power, he was obviously a hypocrite. On the surface, he seemed to be more moderate to China, but he secretly attracted allies to contain China, and when he was discussing trade issues with China, he exerted maximum pressure on China. But when Russia saw that the United States wanted to win her to fight against China, it “food and shelter,” and also used extreme pressure to play with the United States before the Russia-US summit.

In the final analysis, whether an empire can command the world depends on national power. The United States is heavily indebted, its national strength is weak, and it still wants to contain China. The result is one farce after another. The opening scene is huge, and it can’t be buried afterwards.

Lu Yongxiong


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