The UDI held a meal in reparation to former Minister Pérez

This Tuesday evening, the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) held a meal of reparation to former Interior Minister Víctor Pérez, motivated by the constitutional accusation against him that was rejected yesterday in the Senate.

At the appointment, held in the capital commune of Hill, outdoors due to the Covid-19 epidemic, organized by the mayor Mario Olavarría and union councilors of his municipality, attended, among others, the former minister and former president Pablo Longueira, the former secretary general of the party Jorge Fuentes, the metropolitan regional councilor Cristián Labbé and grassroots militants.

In this regard, Pérez thanked the support provided by those attending the meal and said he felt honored to have been able to serve as Minister of the Interior.

Last night the Senate rejected the three chapters of the constitutional accusation against Pérez, with which the center-left pointed him, among other matters, of not having applied the principle of equality before the law within the framework of the trucker strike last August and not exercising hierarchical control over Carabineros.

The first chapter of the libel, which accused the former minister of “having stopped executing the laws in matters relating to public order” during the trucking strike, he fell for 17 in favor, 22 against and 3 abstentions; the second, related to “violate the right to equality before the law”, having had a differentiated treatment in front of various mobilizations, for 15 in favor, 23 against and 4 abstentions; while the latter, referring to the accusation of “do not exercise hierarchical control” on Carabineros, was rejected by 14 in favor, 24 against and 4 abstentions.

The unchecking of eight opposition senators helped the collapse of the libel: Felipe Harboe (PPD), Francisco Huenchumilla (DC) and Jorge Pizarro (DC) rejected the entire document, while the PPD Jaime Quintana, Jorge Soria and Guido Girardi and the DC Carolina Goic they abstained. Jose Miguel Insulza (PS), meanwhile, rejected the last chapter, but approved the first two.


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