the unexpected benefits of video games

>> The video games are too often associated with addiction, violent behavior or isolation and are not always approached in a positive manner. However, researchers have found them beneficial: for example they would be good for our mental health. And they would even allow, in some cases, to work on our memory and create social links, assures Jimmy Mohamed, the health consultant of Europe 1.

“This is the result of a study, conducted by the University of Oxford, which looks at gamers over the age of 18 who play two video games. The first is called Plants vs. Zombies. The principle is simple, the player embodies a plant which must kill zombies. The second is Animal Crossing where we play a villager surrounded by animals who must repay the loan of his house, garden, fish or even go diving.

The researchers found that playing time was associated with a sense of well-being among players. They appreciate the environment, the game. This well-being is formed because you need skills to play video games, you have to train to succeed. But this well-being also exists because this practice creates social ties. But beware, the results of this study do not concern children.

Video games would be good for the elderly

A second study was conducted by Californian universities. They created a video game called NeuroRacer in which the player has to drive a car on a road strewn with obstacles. It is, ultimately, a form of Mario Kart. These researchers have noticed effects in people aged 60 to 85. When they play twelve hours a month, they increase their level of concentration.

The practice of video games also strengthens the memory of the elderly, in the short term. This benefit persists even six months after stopping gambling. “

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