The unexpected message from Marcelo Gallardo’s ex, after Alina Moine confirmed that they are not together

Geraldine La Rosa and Marcelo Gallardo

“I respect and appreciate the mother of my children, she is an excellent mother and person, but there is no reconciliation,” said a few days ago Marcelo Gallardo in Show Partners when asked by his ex, Geraldine The Rose. about the journalist Alina Monk, added: “I am alone, with Alina we have a beautiful friendship.”

However, despite the fact that they are no longer together, the mother of the children of the technical director of the Belgrano neighborhood club continues to celebrate the achievements of her ex. In the last few hours, she uploaded a photo of Gallardo in her stories, about which she wrote: “River got close to the tip. Faith, attitude, come on.” In this way and after he confirmed that he is no longer with the sports journalist, the rumors of reconciliation with La Rosa are further fueled.

Geraldine La Rosa's message to Marcelo Gallardo
Geraldine La Rosa’s message to Marcelo Gallardo

Marcelo Gallardo He separated five years ago from his wife of thirty years, with whom he had three children: Nahuel, Matias and Santino. However, in that period of estrangement, the couple tried a reconciliation and there it came. Benjamin. Although they are not together, the good relationship between them always prevailed, in pursuit of the well-being of their children. Even the youngest in the family turned three years ago ten days ago and they all celebrated together.

In that opportunity, La Rosa shared several family postcards, which suggested that there had been a reconciliation and days later the former soccer player clarified in dialogue with Luli Fernández that this was not the case. In addition to clarifying that there had been no rapprochement, he added: “I don’t like to talk about my personal life but they are situations that involve other people and that is why I choose to answer. I can’t take responsibility for what others do or show. I take responsibility for what I say and do”.

Nor is it the first time Geraldine La Rosa shares family postcards and sends affectionate messages to the technician through social networks. Just a few weeks ago, when River beat Barracas Central and advanced to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup, she shared an Instagram story in which his son Benjamín appears cheering for his father shouting “Muñeco, Muñeco…”. “Because a great champion needs strong battles to come back. We love you, your family”had written next to the video.

A few days ago, also consulted by the cycle of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares, Alina Monk said: “I’m alone right now” and about the rumors that brought Gallardo closer to his ex, he said: “MG and I, honestly, we are very good friends. In no way is it appropriate for me to answer something about his personal life, call him Marce.

Alina Moine in 2018 interviewing Marcelo Gallardo at the River party
Alina Moine in 2018 interviewing Marcelo Gallardo at the River party

In 2019 in dialogue with teleshowshe had referred to her relationship with the DT: I’m just going to say that what they said (that there was an affair) is not true. And that I prefer not to talk about my life, I choose to take care of it externally. We talked to Marcelo about this, of course. We draw conclusions at the time. As a sports journalist I have my theory, but I prefer to leave it at that. It doesn’t make sense to give it entity.”

The information in those days said that the journalist and River’s technical director had begun a relationship after crossing paths in a party that she led in the Monumental for the consecration of the Copa Libertadores in December 2018. At that time Gallardo was expecting his fourth child with Geraldine The Rosehis wife of almost 30 years.


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