The US registers the record of new cases in one day with 100,000

Hidden after the electoral dispute between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency, the data of the pandemic in the United States continue to exceed daily maximums. Yesterday, the country registered 100,000 new infections in the last 24 hours, according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the reference center for the coronavirus, a figure that had not reached any nation in the world. The university also reported 1,112 deaths in one day.

In this way, the United States accounts since the beginning of the health emergency 9,477,239 million infected and 233,000 deaths, the country with the most cases in the world and with the most deaths in global numbers, but not in proportion. San Marino leads this second ranking, with 124.32 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, and behind are Peru (107.77), Belgium (103.82), Andorra (97.40) and Spain, in fifth place, with 77.60, according to the daily update published by Johns Hopkins University. The United States ranks twelfth in this table, with 70.77 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

The number of daily infections has been increasing progressively in the United States in recent weeks and has already exceeded those of the first wave, when around 70,000 daily cases were registered, although at the time, the lack of detection capacity prevented finding all the positives. The highest figure so far had been registered on October 30, with 99,321 cases, while the day with the most deaths was April 15, when 2,609 deaths were counted.

The pandemic has marked the electoral campaign in the country and has become an object of controversy. While the Democratic candidate, Jon Biden, encouraged to maintain security measures, the country’s president and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, strove to minimize the risks, despite the fact that he himself had to be hospitalized due to the virus.

Further, the health situation caused millions of voters to vote by mail early to avoid the lines on Presidential Day, a vote by mail that is now being counted in states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina and that has become key in deciding the future tenant of the White House. Today, the virus is especially hard on the North and Midwest of the United States.


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