“The video referee just gets on my nerves”

St.Gallen – Servette 2: 1

Credit Suisse Super League, 10. Runde, Season 21/22


After the Young Boys had been annoyed by a clear mistake by the video referee on Saturday, the Geneva team was also foaming on Sunday because of the (lack of) VAR use.

Servette trainer Alain Geiger is annoyed after the 1: 2 bankruptcy in St. Gallen about two controversial situations in which the referees decided in favor of the opponent. “I can not understand this. In the penalty scene, Rodelin was clearly on the ball in front of the St. Gallen ”, Geiger said in an interview with blue Sport. In the 69th minute, Basil Stillhart brought down the Geneva man in the penalty area, but referee Luca Piccolo’s whistle remained silent (in the video above from 1:40).

For “evildoers” Stillhart it was not a penalty-worthy foul: “I have already touched it, but it also comes towards the ball and ultimately I hit the foot and the ball. So I don’t think it was a foul.” A highly controversial decision.

Geiger is almost even more annoyed about the non-whistled duel between Ousmane Diakite and Alex Schalk, seconds before the 2-1 victory goal of the East Swiss in stoppage time. “Diakite hits Schalk with the elbow in the face, for me that’s a clear foul,” said the Servette coach. This time the VAR switched on and Piccolo looked at the scene again, but came to the conclusion that everything was regular (in the video above from 2:28).

Servette trainer Alain Geiger: “The VAR makes a huge mistake”

Alain Geiger is extremely dissatisfied with the performance of the video referee. He also mentioned the lack of communication with the referees.


“The referees and the VAR make huge mistakes. We have now been clearly disadvantaged for the second time, ”Geiger laments and also criticizes the exchange with the referees. «We have almost no contact with the referee, communication is not good. It’s difficult to talk to these people. “

Görtler: “Finally someone has the balls”

But on the other side, too, they are anything but completely satisfied with the VAR. “The video referee just gets on my nerves,” says FCSG captain Lukas Görtler, who cannot understand why Piccolo got a hint from the assistants that he should watch the duel between Diakite and Schalk again.

Görtler pays the referee a big compliment on the pitch: “Greatest respect for referee Piccolo. Finally someone has the balls to say that the decision on the pitch was the right one. Because that was not a clear wrong decision. “

Görtler: “The video referee is just annoying”

Lukas Görtler received the yellow card in the final minutes because he was struggling with the VAR. In the interview, he explains his dropout.


Not everyone is of the same opinion. “I thought he’d go for a foul when he looked at it again. It was a very tough duel, ”says blue expert Marco Streller. “But you also have to say that the St. Gallen team had a lot of VAR bad luck in the past. Now you’ve got lucky. All in all, they deserve it. “

VAR problems already on Saturday

The video referee caused a stir in Bern on Saturday. “We were deprived of the win,” YB coach David Wagner complained after the 1-1 draw against Lucerne about the VAR, who saw an offside when the Bernese hit a goal that was not one. More about it here.

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