“The Voice”: they go to the final!

Who, Suzie Villeneuve, Josiane Comeau, Michaela Cahill or Flora Stein will be the next “Voice” of Quebec? It is between these four candidates that the competition will be played during the grand final of the competition, next week, the public having thus decided at the end of the semi-final, Sunday evening.

There were only the viewers who had a say, thanks to the telephone vote, to select the finalists for this 2020 vintage of “La Voix”. It will therefore be, for the first time in the history of “La Voix” in Quebec, an all-female final.

They started by sending Suzie Villeneuve to the final stage, with 55% of the votes, thanks to her interpretation of “Désenchantée” by Mylène Farmer. Before her, the young Philippe Tremblay had defended his place with the classic “Chasse-galerie” by Claude Dubois. Their coach Garou praised the progress made by the two artists during the adventure.

In the Cœur de pirate clan, Josiane Comeau won the laurels. People gave “a huge score,” insisted Charles Lafortune, 87% to the 18-year-old singer from Dieppe. Like her compatriot from New Brunswick, Wilfred LeBouthillier, at “Star Académie”, Josiane has revisited “La ballade de Jean Batailleur” by Zachary Richard to stand out. His opponent, Clément Jacques, had chosen to bet on a daring country version of “C’est zero” by Julie Masse.

On Marc Dupré’s side, it was his protégés Michaela Cahill and Jason Valentino who crossed swords, and Cahill won, with an intense proposal of “The ones against the others”, from the “Starmania” repertoire. She collected a result of 61% of the vote. In front of her, Valentino had nevertheless been solid on “Love still exists”, by Celine Dion. He, who speaks only in English, described, in French, “La Voix” as the most significant experience of his life.

Finally, in Pierre Lapointe’s troops, Flora Stein was elected official finalist. She came away with a score of 55%, inherited thanks to her accomplished rereading of Dalida’s “Dying on Stage”. Her colleague Malia had for her part tried her luck with “À coup de rêve” by Ben l’Oncle Soul.

The winner of “La Voix 2020”, which will be elected next week, will take home a $ 50,000 scholarship and an album contract.

Several prestigious guests took part in this semi-final evening. Lara Fabian, future director of “Star Académie” next winter, opened the party with “It’s time”, taken from her most recent album, “Papillon”.

Coeur de pirate accompanied Roch Voisine, who brought out his timeless “Hélène” for the occasion, a song released in 1989 … the year of birth of the young coach.

Later, Louis-Jean Cormier came to make his turn to shine “Everything falls in its place”, taken from his latest opus, “When the night falls”, published in March. Charles Lafortune announced to him on Sunday that his very first solo album, “The Thirteenth Floor” (2012), has just been certified platinum.

Finally, the nostalgic were surely delighted to reconnect with Marie Carmen and her immense success “Between the shadow and the light”, which Pierre Lapointe was touched to sing with her.

Here are the four finalists

Garou team

Suzie Villeneuve, 37, Mascouche

Pirate’s Heart Team

Josiane Comeau, 18, Dieppe (New Brunswick)

Marc Dupré team

Michaela Cahill, 26, Fort-Coulonge in Ouaouais

Pierre Lapointe team

Flora Stein, 25, Gatineau


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