The vote of 538,000 Galicians and Basques in the autonomies of 12-J for Covid-19 in South America is in danger

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The president of the Basque Country Electoral Board is “pessimistic” about the blockade of the postal systems that facilitate the participation of voters residing abroad

Galician President Alberto Nez Feijo, this Monday, on a visit to a hotel that welcomed Covid-19 patients, in Orense.

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    Pas Vasco and Galicia will call regional elections for July 12

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    Feijo calls elections in Galicia on July 12 because it is the “least insecure” date

The governments of Galicia and the Basque Country have prepared two documents that they will send before June 13 to all the Galician and Basque municipalities with which it is intended to guarantee “health security” the next12th of Julyfor 4.3 million voters, but the participation of 538,000 voters is in the air.

A large part of the 463,163 Galicians residing abroad and the 75,990 Basques abroad live in countries in South America, with their postal services suspended or at least due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the president of the Electoral Board of the Basque Country recognized on Monday,Juan Luis IbarraBoth the Basque Security Councilor and the Foreign Ministry accelerate efforts to resolve this added difficulty in the first elections under the pandemic.

Ibarra, President of the Basque Country Superior Court of Justice until July 1, recognized his “pessimism” to find a solution from Spain to a problem directly derived from the confinement measures adopted in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina or Chile. .

“Adding to the usual difficulties of foreign voting is now added the simple reason that the international postal service is cut in very important countries in Central and South America,” lamented the president of the Electoral Board.

Vote without leaving home

Voting by mail is key in the elections called by thelehendakari, Iigo Urkullu, and the Galician President Alberto Nez Feijo and that will be held on July 12. Elections in which the Galician and Basque voters will be able to vote without leaving home for the first time in the history of democracy in Spain.

The Central Electoral Board has approved the possibility that any voter requesting the documentation to vote by mail carry out the voting in front of the postman or wallet that provides the paperwork. Until now, voting by mail required that the voter be transferred to a Post Office where officials proved the voter’s identity.

The two Administrations have turned to launching publicity campaigns for voting by mail and taking extreme health security measures both during the electoral campaign and throughout the election day on July 12.

Both Urkullu and Feijo start as favorites in the electoral polls, but thelehendakaritogether with the Socialist Party of the Basque Country, it needs to add the 38 parliamentarians who guarantee absolute majority. In the 2016 regional ones, the PNV lost a representative inBiscayby 500 votes of the residents abroad that EH Bildu won.

Security protocols

Urkullu, after agreeing with the socialists ofIdoia Mendia, has had 37 supports compared to 38 from the opposition set up by EH Bildu, Podemos and the PP. For Feijo, the vote of the Absent Residents Electoral Census (CERA) can also be decisive in consolidating a new absolute majority in Galicia.

The Basque and Galician parties will be governed by practically traced health security protocols. The distribution of electoral propaganda in hand and the gift of gifts among which balloons are the star product of all campaigns are prohibited.

In addition, voters will have to access compulsory electoral colleges equipped with masks. When each voter accesses the ballot box that corresponds to them, in the case of the Basque Country, show their ID to the members of the electoral table before directly casting their vote in the ballot box.

The Basque protocol establishes that the president or the president of each table may demand that the voter temporarily remove the protector to identify him. In Galicia, it has been foreseen that each voter will place their DNI in a tray and that they will be manipulated withglovesby the members of the electoral tables.

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