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After teasing it a few weeks ago, HP lifts the veil on its Reverb G2, a promising VR headset which draws its strength from the partnership sealed by the historic PC manufacturer with Valve and Microsoft.

A few weeks ago, we announced that HP, Valve and Microsoft have joined forces to create a new VR headset dedicated above all to the practice of video games. It didn’t take long to see it happen. As you would expect, this is indeed the Reverb G2, expected successor to Reverb G1. HP announces that it should physically land on the stalls in September. The Reverb G2 will be sold at the price of 599 dollars at its launch.

What does the HP Reverb G2 offer? It’s still a VR headset that connects to a PC with its 6 meter long cable provided. On the hardware side, there are two 2.89-inch screens with a definition of 2,160 x 2,160 per eye, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. There are four cameras to support tracking, allowing to do without external sensors . Otherwise, we end up with a helmet with a weight fairly contained for this type of product (550g), with various adjustment possibilities and thick strips of foam to improve comfort. Two adjustable 3D earphones are placed on each side of the headphones for the audio part. Finally, there are two fairly standard controllers to detect movement, even if we should not expect the level of precision offered by the controllers of the Valve Index, in particular.

If the helmet is signed HP, the partnership with Valve and Microsoft is explained by the SteamVR ecosystem and Windows Mixed Reality perfectly integrated. Also, HP has relied heavily on Valve technologies to design its helmet. Thus, the two lenses are taken from those of the Valve Index – even if they are not exactly the same – until resuming their system allowing to adjust the spacing between the eyes. The controllers also seem very close to those of Microsoft for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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