The waters that the official irruption of Narváez stirred in the PS


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“I thank you for your support, I thank you for the idea, I thank you for your courage. If they did not dare, this would have been very difficult to achieve ”. With those words the former minister Paula Nárvaez yesterday thanked, in her first public act as presidential candidate of the Socialist Party, a hundred women with whom she met through the Zoom platform.

The event -which was attended by representatives of all sectors and some deputies such as Daniela Cicardini, Emilia Nuyado, Maya Fernández and Jenny Álvarez; in addition to the president of Horizonte Ciudadano, Paulina Vodanovic– It occurred hours after whoever received the endorsement of the former president Michelle bachelet he will make his candidacy official and will launch himself into the presidential race.

Its definition, they say in sectors of the PS, stirred the waters in the game and came to end the “Leadership crisis” suffered by the Socialists months ago. In the community they saw that they were lagging behind in presidential matters with respect to the rest of the center-left, after the refusal of senators Carlos Montes and Isabel Allende to take up the challenge and that the only letter that had been declared available, Jose Miguel Insulza, will not add significant backups.

But that was not the only effect of his breakthrough. The confirmation of his resignation from UN Women and the officialization of his candidacy for La Moneda reaffirmed -said his close- a decision that the helmsman of the community, Álvaro Elizalde, had already almost defined: not to join the internal race at PS, despite the fact that he was open to evaluating this possibility after the requests he had from a group of deputies and senators. “The door is closed”The senator from El Maule has told his close friends these days and has also transmitted that as helmsman he must give guarantees of equanimity in the process.

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In turn, the appearance of Narváez raised doubts in Senator Insulza, who is in reflection and, according to those who have spoken with him, would be inclined not to compete in an eventual primary with the former minister. In the PS they assure, in fact, that the legislator for Arica would communicate its decision in the next few days. The senator had planned to define himself next Saturday, January 16, the date on which the central committee was expected to be held. However, the board of directors has indicated that on Monday they will set a final date.

However, according to the same sources, the decision of the former minister would weigh, at least three factors. On the one hand, the current situation in the country, his own possibilities of imposing himself on an adventure to La Moneda and, likewise, the internal reality of his party. On this last point, From the senator’s sector they assure that he knows that his option would not arouse greater internal support and that those who have supported him in the past today are by the logic of the replacement.

If the senator does not join the competition and no other letters appear, the community assures that the primaries that have been requested from different sectors, including Insulza and Nárvaez himself, could end up not being held. In fact yesterday the former spokesperson sent a letter to the party’s board of directors in which it formally communicated its definition and in which it was also in favor of this mechanism.

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Close to Narváez they assure that at this stage, the focus will be on breaking the split between dissidents and opponents at the table headed by Elizalde. Although the need to go to primaries has been insisted, in the environment of the ex-minister they bet on the scene of a direct proclamation in the central committee of the party.

“I have the impression that Insulza is going to formally step down and that the only candidate who will remain will be Paula Narváez”, said the former minister of National Assets, Nivia Palma.

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