The Weather Network – IN IMAGES – Hurricane Iota: a real disaster

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 8:54 am – Iota, the thirtieth tropical storm of the season, became a Category 5 hurricane as it bathed in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. This cyclone is currently attacking Nicaragua. The island of Providencia has been almost completely devastated.

In short :

  • Iota reached category 5;
  • It hits Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala;
  • He devastated Providencia and San Andres.

Iota is a hurricane of incredible power. He reached Category 5 and became the latest on record with this intensity. Indeed, the previous record dated back to 1932, when the Cuban hurricane hit on November 8. He is currently in Nicaragua with winds of force of Category 1. Terrifying images were broadcast when the storm made landfall.

Sustained winds from this devastating hurricane reached 260 km / h. Iota will lose intensity quickly. The winds will lose strength, but it is mostly torrential rains that will cause the most damage.


Strong winds are currently blowing at over 150 km / h and torrential rain is flooding some areas, including Honduras, northern Nicaragua and southern Belize. According to US Agency estimates, up to 750mm of rain is possible.


Such rain accumulations cause flooding, flash floods, mudslides and landslides. This is a real disaster for this region which is barely recovering from the passage of Hurricane Eta which killed hundreds.

Iota will continue its journey in the heart of Central America, gradually losing intensity.

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