»Theravectys raises 16.5 million Euros to launch clinical trials of its MyPharma Editions vaccines

Posted on Monday, February 8, 2021

French biotech Theravectys, a world pioneer in lentiviral vector technology, has announced the completion of a fundraising of 16.5 million euros. The main purpose of this funding is to conduct a series of human clinical trials of several of its vaccine candidates, in particular against oropharyngeal (HPV), cervical and prostate cancers, as well as a candidate -vaccine against SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19) administered by the nasal route.

These vaccines, based on a patented lentiviral vector platform, elicit an efficient and unparalleled cellular immune response by direct in vivo transduction (gene transfer) of dendritic cells. These developments follow a phase 1 human clinical trial of an HIV vaccine candidate that has successfully demonstrated its safety, and several series of preclinical trials that have shown remarkable efficacy in a large number of diseases presently without cure.

“Our goal is to profoundly transform global health through the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines based on our lentiviral vectors, and this funding is a further step towards that goal. Our technology is likely to revolutionize immunotherapy and solve hitherto insoluble public health problems. Says Ye Tian, ​​CEO of Theravectys.

“With the proven success of previous tests, including eradicating HPV-induced tumors in 100% of mice after a single intramuscular injection, we look forward to what the next round of clinical trials will bring. We will be able to test more cancer vaccine candidates where we are most advanced in our preclinical trials and are confident to see successes emerging from our series of clinical trials ”, indicates Pierre Charneau, Scientific Director of Theravectys and Director of the Joint Laboratory Pasteur-Theravectys.

Source : Theravectys


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