There are 291 new confirmed imported cases in Hong Kong today, accounting for 38 cases of 27-year-old woman infected with BA.4 variant

[ Eastnet News]The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues, the Chief Doctor of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, Au Jiarong, announced that there were 291 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (19th), of which 38 were imported cases, and the fifth There have been about 1.197 million cases of the outbreak so far. The 27-year-old woman was infected with the BA.4 variant and has received 3 injections. A total of 9 related cases have been reported, all of which are imported. Another 11 cases of BA.2.12.1, involving 5 males and 6 females, aged between 19 and 67, arrived in Hong Kong on May 9 and 15, of which 5 were imported from the United States, bringing a total of 32 BA cases in Hong Kong .2.12.1 Cases. In terms of death toll, 1 new death was reported, bringing a total of 9,153 deaths in the fifth wave so far. In addition, Tan Tsai’s third brother’s rice noodles in Sheung Wan exploded in a cluster of infections, involving 3 men and 2 women. In addition, the Hospital Authority stated that the emergency departments of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Tin Shui Wai Hospital and North Lantau Hospital will resume normal services one after another from tomorrow (20th).

Of the 38 imported cases, 22 were confirmed at the airport; another 14 were recruited during the quarantine period; the confirmed cases arrived in Hong Kong from the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada and other places. Another 2 imported cases were confirmed on the 10th and 12th respectively, and were classified as reinfection (return positive) cases, involving a 23-year-old woman who had received 3 injections. She arrived in Hong Kong from France on May 4 and arrived in Hong Kong on May 16. (i.e., the 12th day) the test was uncertain, and the subsequent re-examination confirmed that the virus amount was low, and the virus was no longer detected on May 18. The other is a 21-year-old woman who was diagnosed on the 10th day after arriving in Hong Kong. She has received 2 injections. She arrived in Hong Kong from the United Kingdom on May 8, and was diagnosed in the United Kingdom in December last year. She wanted to go to the Mainland on May 17. Low.

In addition, the Centre for Health Protection said in the evening that, according to the results of whole genome sequencing analysis conducted by the Public Health Laboratory Services Division of the Department of Health, in addition to confirming the aforementioned BA.4 cases, 10 imported cases were found to carry the variant virus strain BA.2.12. 1 subfamily. The cases involved 5 males and 5 females, aged between 19 and 67, who arrived in Hong Kong from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Qatar from the 9th to the 15th of this month. 9 cases were detected by tests on arrival, and the remaining one was found in designated cases. Quarantine hotels were detected during compulsory quarantine. So far, Hong Kong has recorded 9 imported cases of BA.4 sub-lineage and 35 imported cases of BA.2.12.1 sub-lineage, and no cases of the above-mentioned sub-lineage have been found in the local community so far.

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