There are 300 infected Skoda cars in Hradec Králové

“Despite the difficult situation and the implementation of emergency measures to protect employees, we do not currently have direct outages due to the covid-19,” said Gillich.

Employees have several months to have coronavirus tested using antigenic tests. “The associated costs are currently fully covered by the carmaker,” said Gillich. Tests are free for employees.

Production at Škoda Auto and other car manufacturers, not only in the Volkswagen Group, is limited, for example, by the lack of some parts. For example, the carmaker is missing chips that are part of many devices in cars. This can lead to interruptions or restrictions in the production of some models.

“Due to the failure of semiconductor supplies in the supply chain of the entire Volkswagen Group, Škoda Auto will also face a shortage of this component in the coming months,” Gillichová said earlier.

According to union leader Jaroslav Povšík, chips are missing precisely because of the coronavirus pandemic. “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, growing demand and other reasons, missing chips are becoming a bottleneck. This can lead to the interruption or reduction of the production of some models, which ultimately means shutting down cars, overhauls and finishing, ”said Povšík earlier.

According to unions, missing chips can have an impact in the form of increased production costs and thus lower profits. Škoda is now trying to focus on the efficiency and economy of its business.

“The world economy is currently in a very difficult phase due to the coronavirus pandemic, the situation is tense. To this are added the effects of the ongoing transformation of the entire automotive industry, “said Gillich.

According to her, Škoda therefore continues to examine all its expenses and costs. “Of course, including the personnel ones,” Gillich said. It is not clear now whether Škoda will have to lay off employees.

Production in Škoda may also be complicated by the possible closure of the border with Poland, from where commuters go to the plant in Kvasiny.

“Škoda Auto is intensively discussing the topic with both embassies, ministries and the Central Crisis Staff. Our goal is to maintain the possibility of cross-border movement on the basis of the issued certificate of employment with appropriate preventive measures, “said Gillich.

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