There are only appointments for US visa in 2022

Pandemic restrictions impacted the processing times.

Appointments to manage the visa to the United States are being granted for the years 2022 and 2023, a representative of the embassy in Colombia confirmed to Colprensa.

The procedures at the embassy to apply for the visa had been delayed more than usual, due to global restrictions derived from the health emergency due to the covid-19 pandemic.

This has caused the issuance of these documents to be dammed and delayed.

The entity confirmed that nothing has changed in the process of acceptance and rejection of the document, and that the only variation has been in the times of request, study and delivery.

“The various restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic have reduced appointment capacity during the pandemic, creating a significant backlog of immigrant and non-immigrant visa applicants waiting for a visa interview. The Department of State is working to reduce this backlog while ensuring the safety of our staff and applicants and protecting our national security, ”highlights the Office of Consular Affairs of the United States.

The North American entity affirmed that they are managing so that these times are reduced, highlighting these consular procedures as a priority.

“The department is committed to transparently share the current status of our visa operations around the world and will continue to provide regular updates. The information on the delay in the processing of immigrant visas will be publicly available in the future ”, explained the North American office.


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