There is a new scam on the Internet, if this email reaches you, do not open it

A new phishing campaign was identified by a well-known security company. They use the famous content service, Netflix.

The campaigns of phishing, installation of malware and cybercrime in general are, every day, where you least expect it. That is why each user must take great care of the sites where they enter. Each click must be executed with full knowledge of the security of the portals. And above all, do not generate personal and bank details to anyone who asks for it. A recognized security firm identified a mode of scams, which uses the famous streaming service, Netflix.

Even enjoying a series, movie or documentary can scam you. So try to pay attention to what you receive, as cybercriminals themselves give you signs of the piracy they are committing. Signature ESET, published an official statement in which the forms of action and several recommendations to follow are detailed.

One of the most common factors used in these types of scams: email. Through the inbox you receive a message, indicating certain information about Netflix. In it, they warn you of a presumed debt and recommend payment to “avoid suspension” of the service. The images shared by the security firm, mentioned above, has all the data to note that it is a phishing campaign. In the same way, we are going to detail the characteristics of this scam, so that you can apply it in other types of criminal actions like this one.

Don’t update your Netflix data

The first thing to notice is the email address that is contacting you. They assure that they are Netflix, but in the detail is the record that it is not about the company. This is the first indication that an alert should generate you.

After they give you an ultimatum, in which they inform the suspension of the service in a certain time, in case the payment is not made. Who have Netflix they should know that this is not the way the company operates. If for any reason your payment is not effective on the corresponding day, a few hours later you will not be able to enjoy the content.

Beyond that, it gives you a box asking you to update your payment information. Also, clicking will take you to another portal where your name is requested. In addition to the credit card number, card expiration date and security code. Obviously it is a scam, so be careful with where you leave your financial data.

Phishing Net TDC

After doing this explanation ESET urges its users to verify well the portals where they enter. “Before the slightest doubt about the legitimacy of an email, we should never click on the link that is included in a message that arrives unexpectedly,” they sentenced.


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