There is a shortage of medicines for diabetics

Right holders claim that three weeks have already passed without receiving insulin in clinic 4 of the IMSS; they do not know when they will supply it and therefore must “turn around”

Yamilet Gámez
The World of Orizaba

Ciudad Mendoza.- Right holders with diabetes from clinic 4 reported that their medications have not been supplied, they indicated that some medicines do exist but preference is being given to insured IMSS workers.
Almost three weeks have elapsed without beneficiaries receiving insulin, a drug that allows them to control diabetes, a chronic condition.
They regretted that they are not given an exact date to be able to go to the clinic to receive the medicine, despite the expense in transportation that it implies for those who are from other municipalities such as Nogales or Maltrata, who must go to clinic 4 of the IMSS in Ciudad Mendoza .
They commented that since last month when they went to the IMSS 4 Clinic pharmacy in Ciudad Mendoza, they were told that there was no insulin, that they did not have a date to receive it and that the patient had to “turn around.”
However, with some acquaintances they have identified that there is insulin but it is only being given to insured beneficiaries of IMSS workers.
They commented that pharmacies have asked about the cost of Insulin and depending on the amount, it exceeds 300 pesos, which represents a significant expense for the economy of low-income families.
Due to the pandemic, the chronically ill and even more so if it is the elderly, are vulnerable to covid-19, therefore they hope that their prescription can be filled soon.
And when the covid-19 vaccine is available, everyone can access it and not give preference to a few.

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