There is no toilet nearby!The first floor of the mansion turned into a “public toilet.”

My toilet turned into a public toilet. (Photo/Retrieved from Qianjiang Evening News)

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The toilet in the house has become a public toilet? A man surnamed Zhang in Zhejiang, China owns a three-story mansion. Since there are no public toilets nearby, many people will come to his house to borrow the toilet after passing by. However, over time, people come to borrow the toilet almost every day, making them a little helpless: “We have 5 A toilet, people are in a hurry, we also have compassion, occasionally borrowing it is no problem, but in the long run, it is really overwhelming.”

According to the “Qianjiang Evening News” report, Zhang Nan lives on Yuanpu Street in Shuangpu Town. The house is close to the road and he will almost pass by when he heads to the town. Furniture to everything is carefully selected by him, and the price is high. Every morning, people from the village who come to the town to do errands and shop often come to ask to find a toilet.

Zhang Nan said that these people are generally a little older, and it is very hard to find the toilet when they are in a hurry. “Seeing that the other person is a local and he knows a little bit, we just borrow the toilet directly. My mother can’t bear not borrowing it.” However, she comes every day. Let him be unbearable.

Since there are no toilets nearby, many people come to borrow them.  (Photo/Retrieved from Qianjiang Evening News)
Since there are no toilets nearby, many people come to borrow them. (Photo/Retrieved from Qianjiang Evening News)

One night, Zhang Nan conducted a field investigation and found that there was no public sanitation facility near his home. He sighed: “When can I build a public toilet that is convenient for everyone and reduce the trouble of borrowing a toilet?”

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Shuangpu Town Public Management Office revealed that it has not received requests from other residents for the time being. There is currently no plan for the construction of public toilets in the place, and there is no relatively suitable location, and pointed out that the people of Shuangpu Town on the old street There are toilets in the government and administrative service centers, and they are also open. “Residents in need can come in and use them.”


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