There is only one Apple sticker left in the iPhone boxes 🥺

Apple has repeatedly pointed out: the new iPhone boxes are smaller, whether for the new models and even for the old ones which are still in the catalog (iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone XR). By removing the AC adapter and headphones from the equation (except where you know), Apple can maximize shipments and achieve substantial transportation savings – not to mention the environmental argument.

However, we did not think that the Apple would save an Apple sticker! This is the little discovery of the YouTuber Rjey, who bought an iPhone 11 RED supplied in its new packaging, and which now contains only one sticker from the manufacturer. As he points out, if you want two, you’ll have to buy two iPhones! Or use the ones that must be lying around in your drawers …

The boxes of iPhone 5s, iPhone 11 (new packaging), and iPhone 8.

We quickly go around the box, which is no longer delivered with a USB-C / Lightning cable and the usual paperwork.


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