Thermaltake: The Ultimate Guide to High-End Computer Peripherals and Cooling Solutions

2023-06-05 05:14:33

Recently, the polarization of the computer system has become fixed, with the extreme high-end and the lowest cost-effective computer. With the AMD Ryzen 7000X 3D processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, and Intel Core i9 13900K processor released from last year to this year, high-end users are growing considerably. Due to these high-end computer peripherals, the market growth rate of my own unique computer case equipped with a high-performance cooling solution is continuously increasing. In particular, those who use high-end specifications are not stingy about purchasing expensive peripherals because they use the highest-priced products such as processors and graphics cards. And along with it, the market for “special brand fans”, which is showing a slightly different growth this year, is growing. From that point of view, ThermalTake (ThermalTake, TT) sells extremely high-end peripherals, and its market growth has been steady over the past period. It can be said that the fan base for Thermaltake in Korea is growing thicker.

ThermalTake Booth – Computex 2033

▲ Kenny Lin, founder and current CEO of Thermaltake

Thermaltake participated in Computex 2033 with a fairly large booth, and in particular, the current CEO, the founder, directly explained and demonstrated the newly released products of Thermaltake through the opening ceremony. And we invited famous overclockers and mod PC makers around the world to hold many offline booths.

▲ Demonstration systems were displayed so that various Thermaltake products that were already on sale could be seen at a glance.

▲ TOUGHRAM, an overclocking tuning RAM released and sold by Thermaltake, was also exhibited and demonstrated.

▲ In this Computex 2033, Thermaltake expanded the range of choices from existing products by adding “The Tower 200 Carriage Green Color, Coarse 300 TG ARGB Carriage Green Color” to target users’ customization preferences.

▲ An option has been added so that the company’s LCD module can be installed and used on existing products related to thermal take cases and water cooling.



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