These are the smartest countries in the world

So far, “Homo sapiens” is the most intelligent species known. You could say that, in general, humans are quite clever and resourceful beings.

Good proof of this has been the advances in various fields that have taken place over the years, as well as the eradication of diseases, the discovery of chemical elements, the arrival of astronauts on the moon or the invention of the internet, for example. example.

Having said this and starting from the fact that human beings are intelligent, Who are more so? Vouchercloud (, a UK discount coupon website, he got down to work trying to establish which were the smartest countries on the planet.

In the publication in which they reveal the classification data, Vouchercloud explained that, to rank the 25 countries that make up the complete list, they have crossed different data. As a representation of historical intelligence, they have first taken into account the number of Nobel prizes they collected through the World Atlas, using those that each nation had achieved up to 2018.

The second was the average IQ, in reference to current intelligence, which they obtained from a 2012 sociological study, conducted by Lynn & Vanhanen. And finally, educational level, as an indicator of future intelligence, for which they used student scores collected in a 2015 study by Our World in Data.


The first classified is Japan. The island country is located off the east coast of Asia and is made up of a chain of islands in the North Pacific Ocean. Japan, with a population of approximately 120 million, had 26 Nobel laureates to its name, beginning in 1949. It currently has 28. It also scored well in terms of IQ and educational level.

The second classified is Switzerland. A small, Central European country, marked by its mountainous landscapes and numerous lakes. It also stands out for its apparent prosperity and development in various fields. Compared to first place, Switzerland equaled Japan in the prestigious awards, an equality that currently stands at 28, but scores below the Asian country in IQ and school scores.

The bronze is for China. The most populous country in the world, with 1.3 billion people, and on the way to becoming the world’s leading economic power, it has experienced a spectacular increase in recent decades in two of the categories on which the ranking is based. It surpasses the two nations it has above in current and future intelligence, but fails in Nobel prizes, as it had 9.

Behind China is the current leading economic world power: the United States. The North American country with approximately 330 million inhabitants, is at the head in number of Nobel laureates. The font used for the classification marked 368. A number that rises to 390 today.

On the other hand, taking into account the other two factors, the country does not fare so well. According to the data handled by the authors of the list, the US ranks 28 in terms of IQ. In terms of results in school, he improves his position by occupying the eleventh place.

The Netherlands are in fifth place in the ranking. It is a small country compared to some of its opponents, with almost 20 million inhabitants. Its nationals included 20 Nobel laureates. Regarding the IQ, they have a position similar to that of the first three classified. However, when it comes to school achievement, the score is much lower.

To find the smartest country outside of Asia, Europe or North America you have to go to 18th place, occupied by Australia. Next up is Israel, ranked 22nd.

Current and future intelligence is dominated by Asia, according to the data used by the page.
The top five places in terms of IQ are occupied by Asian countries: Singapore, China, Hong Long, South Korea and Taiwan, which share the same score, and Japan.

All of them, except China, are also at the top of school achievement: Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.


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