these products are dangerous, bring them back without delay!

A recall procedure is currently affecting many products sold by Lidl and Auchan. If you bought flour foods made at home before October 28, you are strongly advised not to consume them.

The products that are affected at Lidl

Lidl is reminding customers this time to bring different types of bread to the store or to throw them in the trash. A few weeks ago, the discount chain Lidl also asked for the return of vacuum cleaners with malfunctions.


What are the different types of bread affected

The Bridor Nordic bread of 315 g and the rustic cereal paving stone of 360 g must be brought back to the store or simply put in the trash. These goods cannot be consumed because of the sesame seeds which contain a high concentration of ethylene oxide.

With too high a rate, this chemical component is harmful to your health. In any case, if you have any problems, you can call Lidl consumer service.

The products that are concerned at Auchan

Four products sold at Auchan are, however, affected by the recall procedure. The procedures are the same as those applied to affected merchandise at Lidl, either to bring back to the store for reimbursement or to be thrown in the trash.

Auchan store

Affected crackers, rolls, buns and cookies

These affected products also contain ethylene oxide at too high a level. You are prohibited from consuming 100 g Dukan Parmesan crackers, batch 27072021 with a DDM on 07/27/2021 and EAN code 3760151014413. You must also bring back to the store or destroy the toasted rolls 7 Cereals from 225 g of the Auchan Bio brand.

You are prohibited from eating the plain braided brioche of 630 g made by the Pasquier industry. You should also bring back Gerblé cookies such as Sesame 46 g, Sesame 172 g, Sesame 230 g or even Crousti sesame honey.

Lidl and Auchan have removed the products from their shelves

Following the discovery of the contamination, Lidl and Auchan recalled the goods in stores and the withdrawal of the products concerned from the sales shelves on October 27.

Pasquier, Régime Dukan and Gerblé ask to bring the products back to the store

Brioche Pasquier’s quality management recommends that you destroy its products or bring them back to the store. She thinks her goods contain foreign objects. The Dukan Diet has performed various tests that have shown a strong presence of ethylene oxide on one of its products.

The brand also recommends the destruction or exchange of the merchandise by bringing it back to the store. For Gerblé’s Nutrition & Health consumer service, it issued a press release to learn about its cookies and recall them to return them to the store for a refund.

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