These series will stop streaming from February 2021

We have discussed the ambitious plan series and films what Netflix plans to premiere in 2021. As for movies, the streaming service plans to deliver a new title weekly and, in terms of series, they opened the year strong with Lupine, an original production, while Bridgerton was officially placed as the most seen in the history of your catalog.

While February premieres they are already around the corner, we must also talk about the titles that, like every month, leave the catalog. This time, it shouldn’t be so difficult to say goodbye, as there are projects on the doorstep such as ‘Malcolm & Marie’ or ‘Crime Scene: Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel’, however, you may find some in this list series what do you want to see one last time before saying goodbye.

What titles does Netflix leave in February 2021?

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Andrés Parra stars as Pablo Escobar, the patron of evil.

The first big title to leave the streaming platform is in Pablo Escobar, the patron of evil, The popular Colombian TV series starring Andrés Parra. As its name indicates, the story of the life of the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, from the perspective written in the book La parabola de Pablo, written by journalist Alonso Salazar.

Pablo Escobar, the patron of evil will no longer be available as of February 1, So if you want to take a look at how this character became the myth we know today, this is still a good opportunity to move on to marathon the series.

On the other hand, if you are still very connected to your inner child (the one who saw Power Rangers all day during the nineties), we regret to inform you that many of the titles that make up the saga of these superheroes are retired. Perhaps in a fit of nostalgia, you want to see them before they leave (they will all leave the catalog from February 1).

Merlí is a Catalan series that gained worldwide popularity.

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Merlí is a Catalan series that gained worldwide popularity.

If you were one of those who got hooked on the Catalan series, MerlíWe also warn you that the last day to see it is February 14, do not worry, if you are a ‘Grinch of St. Valetín’, the story talks about everything, except love. In fact, it is a refreshing production about a philosophy professor that transmits his teachings from unorthodox methods that end up dividing opinions between the faculty of the school for which he works and relatives of his students.

Continuing with national series, False identity, starring Camila Sodi In its first seasons, it will also retire from streaming. The plot tells how Isabel (Sodi) and Diego Luis Ernesto Franco flee their complex pasts to the United States, where they pose as a happy married couple.

Camila Sodi and Luis Ernesto Franco in 'Falsa Identidad'

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Camila Sodi and Luis Ernesto Franco in ‘Falsa Identidad’

For those who love documentaries too there is bad news, because jewelry like Brave Miss World (February 17) and The Kindness Diaries (February 22).

Once we talk about a brief summary, here we present you the complete list of what you will no longer find in the streaming catalog with their respective dates.

February 1st

  • Pablo Escobar, the patron of evil
  • Ninja Turtles: the next mutation
  • Big Bad Beetleborgs
  • Total Drama
  • Leo and Tig

From the Power Rangers saga

  • Wild Force
  • Lost Galaxy
  • Super Megaforce
  • Will Force
  • Time to force
  • Lost Galaxy
  • Super Megaforce
  • Might Morphin Alien Ranger
  • Megaforce
  • Ninja Storm
  • Samurai
  • Super Samurai
  • Dino Thunder
  • S.P.D
  • RPM
  • In space
  • Turbo
  • Lightspeed rescue
  • Rangers Zeo
  • Dino Super Charge
  • Dine Charge
  • Jungle Fury
  • Operation Overdrive
  • V.R. troopers
  • Mystic Force

February 5th

February 9

February 14th

February 15

February 17th

February 19

February 20

February 22

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