these will be the 4 changes for 2022

The Service tax administration (SAT) already contemplates some changes to its scheme for next year 2022. The modifications are designed so that more and more people can register in the Federal taxpayer registration (RFC).

One of the proposals that it raises is greater vigilance to the cash deposits that you receive in your accounts; as well as simplifying the payment of taxes and procedures such as registering with the RFC.

The SAT seeks to simplify the payment of Income Tax (ISR) through electronic invoicing for people belonging to the Trust Regime. This will allow legal entities to submit informative statements.

The second change to be made will be the payment of quartz taxes with the declared income level. In this way, the SAT seeks to increase the pattern of taxpayers to 30%.

The third change that is contemplated is greater vigilance in the deposits. Now him SAT You will be able to put a mark on those accounts whose monthly income is abnormal. Now it will not only be from 15 thousand pesos.

Although the dynamics of regulating will continue from 15 thousand pesos, they will be able to follow up in case of irregular samples. For example, one day you receive a large deposit and then spend it all. It also applies in case you receive inheritances, loans or other undeclared income on your payroll.

The fourth change involves the elimination of the VAT in some products such as sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups.

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