“They are friends”: Oscar Mediavilla rekindled the fight and launched a harsh accusation on Alex Caniggia

Alex Caniggia made the drastic decision a few days ago to give up the “Singing for a Dream”. The son of the «Bird» arrived at that instance after having a very spicy live discussion with Oscar Mediavilla. Although time passed and things calmed down between the two, the member of the singing reality jury again remembered the media today. Is that the husband of Patricia Sosa accused Alex’s friends of calling him to insult him while the show goes live.

“Look, they’re calling me by phone, I’m not going to be able to attend,” said Oscar Mediavilla at today’s “Singing” gala. To which Laurita Fernández asked: “Who is it?” Patricia Sosa’s husband redoubled the bet with his sayings: «I am insulted by the friends of the boy who left. It’s that it hurts, “he said, making a clear allusion to Alex Caniggia, who made the drastic decision a few days ago to give up the singing reality produced by Marcelo Tinelli.

“My number was leaked and my finger is worn out. But I have three numbers. One personal, another work and another cheat. Is Patricia coming? She is calm, nothing happens. But I like it. All the people who want to insult me: @omediavilla in all the networks, they give it hard there. I am here to attend 24 hours. Now I can not attend because we are live, “added the experienced jury jokingly. Mediavilla revived the conflict with Alex.

After resigning, Alex Caniggia scolded Mediavilla in the worst way: «Here is the culprit. It did not matter to go or not, so he enjoys shitting at people’s work! I want to thank my team and I am very sorry for my decision but it was impossible to continue in a place where the jury attacks you and shits on the work of my entire team @MelinaDePiano. Finally, thank my coach Franco Friguglietti and all the people who bench us, “said the media, saying goodbye to the reality show and firing thick ammunition at the jury.

Melina De Piano, Alex’s former partner, also spoke about the resignation of the media: «I continue to maintain that he is a good partner, he is a love. He sent a message to Pasti (the coach) and to me telling us how much he loved us. We love him too. He does not need the job on a financial level and when he saw that perhaps he was disrespected, he stopped enjoying it. From what I know from his representative, the decision is costing him because it would leave me without a job, “she said, dismayed at being left without her job source.

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