They are releasing a great special edition of Shenmue III with collectibles and DLC

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1 year ago, Ys Net released the game Shenmue III, which marked the long-awaited return of the series after several years without hearing about it. At the time, it debuted with a collector’s edition that would commemorate the first. If you haven’t reached this edition then another one is already available which includes not only the DLC that came later in the game but also a lot of collectibles and a few more will be available separately that fans won’t want. not miss.

If you are a Shenmue fan, but for some reason you haven’t had a chance to play the new installment, now is the best time to do so, as Ys Net and Limited Run Games have announced the complete edition of Shenmue III.

This set is extremely special not only because 3,000 units will be produced, but because it includes several items that fans of the series will not want to miss. The package contains the base game for PlayStation 4 with the latest patch and all DLC on the disc, as well as several collectibles that we leave you below in the form of a list. This collection can now be shelved and is priced at $ 149.99 USD.

1 Niaowu Hotel welcome card 1 Chobu Chan figure 1 Bailu Chan figure 1 Complete Edition Shenmue III commemorative case masquerading as a Dreamcast game (disc not included) 1 5-inch replica of the Seven Star Sword 1 card VIP Golden Goose 1 Bailu Herb card

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Limited racing games to free more Shenmue collectibles

But that’s not all. If you are a fan of Shenmue then you will be interested in reading, as other products in the franchise will be released and will be available for a very limited time and once they sell out none more will be produced.

Various sets of the Shenmue III soundtrack can now also be pre-ordered on the Limited Run Games website. The Most Basic includes a selection of 33 tracks recorded on 2 LP vinyl records (US $ 39.99) and includes codes to download tracks and ratings from Yu Suzuki and other members of the series community. If you prefer CDs, then you’ll be interested in the Complete Collection of the Definitive Soundtrack (US $ 49.99), which includes 6 CDs in their respective cases and a bundle that contains them all, along with Suzuki Notes.

Choice of vinyl tracks (left) and collection of 6 CDs (right)Choice of vinyl tracks (left) and collection of 6 CDs (right)

If you’ve ever played the title and liked the soundtrack, you might want to have the 5 vinyl set (Bailu Village, $ 124.99) and another with 6 vinyl (Niaowu, $ 149.99) that include all songs. of the first and second half of Shenmue III, respectively. If you decide to buy both, you can go for a bundle with all vinyl records (US $ 299.99) which come in amazing covers which are also boxed with new artwork from Kenji Miyawaka who worked on the original series.

Bailu Village and Niaowu (left) and 11 LP (right)Bailu Village and Niaowu (left) and 11 LP (right)

The coolest bundle for fans of Shenmue and Yu Suzuki’s work is definitely the signed edition, which is like the one above, but also includes an A4 size poster with the signature of Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki. This set retails for US $ 349.99 and you have to hurry if you want one, as only 375 units will be produced.

Finally, we inform you that, if you only want the boxes of the 2 packs of vinyl records (Bailu Village and Niaowu, without the records), it is possible to purchase both for $ 34.99 USD. Also available is a package that includes the Collector’s Edition and the package with all 11 vinyl records and is sold for $ 449.99, but at the time of writing this article was only 4 units left.

Signed editionSigned edition

What did you think of these collectibles? Will you have any? Tell us in the comments.

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